Install YouTube Go App v1.01 From Play Store Now [Download APK]

Now you can install the latest YouTube Go App v1.01 from Play store. This latest version brings double-tap to seek controls. With this, you can double tap on the left side to rewind the video 10 seconds. Similarly,  double tapping on the right side skips forward to 10 seconds of the video. It also comes with a useful feature which is the new Preview button. You have to manually tap to load and play the previews.

Youtube Go is the part of Google‘s new operating system Android Go. Android Go aims towards providing Android Oreo experience to those smartphones, that has very less memory.  With lesser memory, a smartphone is kind of less efficient to process bigger size Apps. So in order to enable the users to make most of Android Go, Google is rolling the Go Apps. Go Apps are pretty lightweight, meaning the size of the APK is less enough to be efficiently run by phones with less processing power.  The other Apps in the Go Apps package includes  Google Go, Assistant Go,  Maps Go and the Files Go file manager.

Youtube Go App v1.01 is your everyday companion to watch and share videos when you have a limited data or a slow connection. With it discover popular videos, songs,  movies,  TV shows, how-tos and many more. You can download and watch your favorite videos with control over your data and storage. With Youtube Go App v1.01, instantly share videos. It enables no usage of data for transfer. As it is a lightweight App, it’s only Only 9.4 MB in size.

Below is the direct download link to get this lite version of original Youtube. To be able to use this App your device must run on Android Jellybean and above.

Features of YouTube Go App v1.01

Here are the awesome features of the latest v1.01 YouTube Go App.

  • Download videos to your phone or SD card
  • Play them without buffering
  • New Preview button
  • Double tapping for review/rewind
  • Watch them anytime, anywhere slow or no internet connection
  • Choose to download or watch
  • Preview videos before you download or watch
  •  Choose how many MBs you use on videos
  • No more worrying about phone hanging
  •  works with less storage and slow speeds
  •  Works on older Android versions
  • Share with friends and family nearby
  • Video transfer uses no data
  • Super-fast speed allows to send and receive videos in seconds

Download YouTube Go App v1.01 From Play Store

Here is the direct download link to get the latest Youtube Go App from PlayStore. So, here you go.


The installation is quite simple as you’d install any other App.

So, if you use a phone with low memory but don’t want to miss your favorite song, movies and music videos, then go grab the latest Youtube Go v1.01 now. Use this lite video sharing App for your day-to-day entertainment and enjoy.

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