How to Fix Screen Recording not working problem on iPhone and iPad

Screen recording is an important feature of a smartphone. It helps us to capture the content of the screen in the form of video. Some may use it for making tutorials and some use it to record their gameplays. This feature is available for both Android devices and Apple’s iPhones & iPads. Sometimes, the Apple device users complain that screen recording is not working for them. There are certain factors that affect the smooth working of this feature. In this guide, we will explain to you how to troubleshoot screen recording not working issue on any Apple iPad and iPhone.

iPad/iPhone Screen Recording not working

How to Fix Screen Recording not working problem on iPhone and iPad

Now, we will take a look at the various factors that may cause the screen recording to not work on an iPhone or iPad. We will also see what we can do to fix that or find an efficient alternative.

Copy-right Protection Enabled

If you are trying to record content from an App that has copyright content, then, unfortunately, your screen recorder will not work there. You may even get a pop-up message which would say that you cannot record the content of the screen due to permissions issue. This means the app from which you want to record content, doesn’t allow screen recorders. This may also be applicable to the basic screenshot feature.

Try rebooting

One of the popular fixes for various issues is to restart the device. So, try restarting your iPhone or iPad if you see that screen recording is not working on your device. In most cases, this should set things right.

Software Update

Sometimes when you do not upgrade your device for a long time, some software issues may creep into it. That may hamper the working of some apps and eventually cause the screen recording not working issue. So, the best way to deal with that is to look for any pending updates on your iPhone and iPad.


Go to the Settings > General > Software Update. If you see any pending software waiting to be installed, then tap on Download and Install.

After you are done installing, your device should reboot. Then check the screen recording feature. It should work fine now.

Adding to Control Center

Screen recording may not be working if it is not added to the control center. It can be easily fixed though. Here is how you can add it to the control center.

  • Go to Settings > tap on Control Center
  • Under More Control > go to Screen Recording
  • Tap on the green + button beside Screen Recording to add it to the control center.

Content Restrictions Enabled

You have to check that Content Restrictions are not enabled which would stop the screen recorder from working.

  • Go to Settings > General
  • tap on Screentime > under that tap on Content and Privacy Restrictions
  • Agin look for Content Restrictions > go to Game Center
  • Check the status of screen-recording
  • There would be two options Allow and Don’t Allow.
  • Tap on Allow.


When the Screen Recording is set to Don’t Allow, the Screen recording interface would be grayed out.

Low Power Mode is Active

Certain functions on your iPhone or iPad will be restricted if the battery saving is active. Low Power Mode as the name suggests, when enabled restricts a number of features. So, check for it and disable it if it’s enabled.

To do it,

  • Go to Settings > Battery
  • tap on the toggle beside Low Power Mode to deactivate(the toggle greys out)

Sufficient Storage Unavailable

One of the most common reasons for the screen recorder not working issue is the unavailability of sufficient storage on the device. This happens when you record the screen of your gameplay or any other thing. After the recording is over, it is usually saved to the storage. However, if enough storage space or memory is not available, then the screen recording will be in vain.



You can check the amount of storage you have consumed and how much is left.

  • Go to Settings > General > Storage(iPhone/iPad storage depending upon what you are using)
  • An indicator would show what amount of storage you have used on your device for which purpose.
  • Later you can free the storage by removing the files, apps that you do not require.

The microphone is not enabled during Screen Recording

Make sure that your microphone is enabled to capture the sound while you carry out the screen recording. It is easy to do.

  • Long press on the screen-recording icon
  • tap on Microphone

Reset device

You can use this method as the last resort to solve the screen recorder not working issue on your device. Upon resetting the device will go back to its original state when you first unboxed it after purchasing.

To hard reset

  • go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Under Reset > tap on Reset All Settings

Now, this should fix up the screen recording not working issue.

So, these were some basic troubleshooting methods to fix the screen recording not working issue on your Apple iPhone and iPad. We hope that these methods did the work for you. If you got any queries do let us know in the comments section.

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