Is Online Gambling Legal in this Country?

When it comes to legal online gambling, there are three categories of countries in the world:

  • Those where online casinos (and land-based ones are properly regulated and are fully legal
  • Those where it isn’t legal to play at online casinos but there if citizens choose to play in casinos overseas there are few if any repercussions
  • Those where gambling of any kind, whether online or in real-world venues is strictly prohibited and those who break the law will be arrested then prosecuted

There will always be a few variations. In some cases, for example, land-based casinos may be legal but online casinos may not. However, in general, all countries worldwide will fit into one of these three categories. So, before you start checking out sites like to find the top online casinos for you to play at, you should make sure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction. After all, you don’t want to fall foul of the law! Here, we take a closer look at the legal situation with regard to online casinos in different continents and countries around the globe so you can be well-informed about whether you can legally sign up today.

Is Online Gambling Legal in this Country?

Is Online Gambling Legal in this Country?

Here let’s understand whether Online gambling is legal in this continent according to some real data.

Is Gambling Legal in Europe?

If you’re based in Europe, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in betting in online casinos. Across the majority of the continent gambling in both land-based and online casinos has been legalised and the industry is regulated. There are, however, two main exceptions. In Iceland and France, real-world casinos are legal, but online casinos are not. In Ukraine, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic may have all officially banned online casinos, however gambling on foreign casino sites is overlooked. Only Turkey represents a problem since it is a Muslim country and therefore gambling isn’t tolerated.

Is Gambling Legal In North And South America?

Mexico and Canada have both legalised gambling in all its forms, including online casinos, and have regulation in place. However, America is more complex. Some states, such as Nevada, have no problems with any type of gambling, but others are less keen on it. Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Illinois and Georgia are ok with online casinos, and now a number of U.S. online casinos have been launched for American players. This is good news for them, since most overseas online casinos won’t allow players from the USA to register and play. In South America, there usually aren’t any major issues with online casinos. The Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Argentina all have legalised and regulated online casinos, and the other countries in the southern continent turn a blind eye to any citizens who choose to register with overseas providers. Cuba is the only exception where online gambling could prove to be dangerous.


Is Gambling In Africa Legal?

There are 54 countries on the African continent and more than 30 allow online gambling legally. Most of the others will usually turn a blind eye to citizens who choose to gamble online at foreign casinos. The main danger of online gambling on the African continent is playing at an unregulated and unlicensed casino. If you’re caught doing this, you won’t just lose your winnings which will be confiscated from you, but you’ll also be fined and even face jail time.

Is Gambling In Australia Legal?

In 2017, laws were introduced in Australia that made online casino access difficult. While land-based casinos are legal and are properly regulated and licensed, online casinos are a different story. In New Zealand too there are issues. All of the country’s casinos are land-based and, while you can sign up and play at foreign online casinos, there are no locally hosted ones.

Is Gambling Legal In The Middle East?

Most Middle Eastern countries are Islamic. This usually means that gambling in any form is banned. Citizens who are caught breaking the law will be prosecuted. Dubai, Egypt and Israel are all exceptions to the rule having legalized gambling in land-based venues. In Lebanon, gambling is permitted in the single government sanctioned casino, but all other gambling forms are banned. No online casinos currently serve the Middle Eastern market.

Is Gambling Legal In Asia?

Gambling in Asian countries can be complex. Depending on which country you’re in, the laws surrounding online casinos can vary wildly. Many Asian nations have outlawed gambling in all its forms completely. Singapore, Taiwan and China, for example, all crackdown on illegal gambling. However other countries like Thailand may have banned online gambling but the government will overlook anyone who plays on a foreign site. Online casinos can’t be accessed by anyone in Malaysia or Vietnam (except foreign tourists) and of course everyone knows that Macau is where Chinese gamblers need to go to fulfil their online and physical gambling needs. In India, there are some legal floating and land-based casinos in Sikkim and Goa as well as a number of illegal casinos which have been set up in gamblers’ own homes. However, online gambling still holds unclear status in India.


Online Casinos Around The World

As you can see, the rules surrounding online casinos vary dramatically between different countries and continents. That’s why it’s very important to check the legal situation in the country where you’re based before you sign up to an online casino or place a bet, just in case you fall foul of the law.

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