Is Oppo F7 is a Waterproof Device? Let’s Find Out

Oppo’s smartphone lineup is increasing day by day. Oppo just announced their latest flagship a few weeks ago with promising features with a budget price range. The newest smartphone by Oppo is Oppo F7 which is again a selfie oriented camera. Oppo seems to stuck with the idea of putting the best camera in a smartphone, and so far they are doing great. However, currently the trend for photography & selfies is changing now.with the introduction of new waterproof flagship smartphones, people are developing new craze for underwater selfies and underwater photography. Now the question arises – Is Oppo F7 is a Waterproof device? Let us find out.

Is Oppo F7 is a Waterproof Device?

Oppo latest flagship F7 doesn’t come with any official IP rating. However according to tests and various experiments, it is noticed that the smartphone is indeed waterproof, but to only a limited extent. But this is not enough to know the full extent of its waterproofing capabilities. It is important to know for customers whether they are buying a proper waterproofing device or not. As a smartphone company who advertises their smartphone being camera smartphone; waterproofing seems to be a necessity. So today in this article we are going to check whether if Xiaomi Mi 8 is a waterproof device or not.

Oppo F7 Water Splash Test

When the latest flagship by Oppo is subjected to minor water droplets, it works flawlessly. However, when large water droplets or a mini shower is thrown on a smartphone, it starts to malfunction. This only includes the ghost touch from the display as it does not support touch inputs on a slippery surface. After wiping up the screen with a piece of micro cloth, everything seems to work fine. So Oppo F7 is splash resistant. But what about Water immersion test?

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Oppo F7 Water Immersion Test

After the water splash test, it is time to test the water resistance to the full extent. When subjected to water immersion, no air bubbles were detected. This means that the device is not trapping any kind of moisture while immersing in water. However while in the immersed state, the user cannot operate device’s screen. This makes the device unusable under water. So people who were looking to take some great shots underwater might feel a little bit disappointed now.

I/O Waterproof Test

The main component of checking a device water-resisting capabilities is to subject its I/O ports in water for few minutes. In Oppo’s F7’s case, there is not any kind of problem with I/O because of water. However, I recommend users to quickly dry up the headphone jack and charging port in order to avoid unnecessary damage or sparking.

Oppo F7 Washing Test

When subjected to shower water or a continues stream of water, the device starts to trigger random apps. This is because of ghost touch issue. The camera and screen work perfectly under water. However, the user can not operate the screen under water.


So it turns out that Oppo F7 is entirely waterproof. However, there is no official documentation or declaration of this fact by Oppo. It is splashproof to some extent. However, it will cause the device to behave abnormally with several ghost touches


  1. my mother oppo f7 got wet in the beach in immersion type but only about 10sec we store it in rice for only 4 hours and still ok… help me to proceed any proceedure to prevent any further dmg please

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