Download Install J510FNXXU2AQI6 August Security for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia)

Are you facing problems with bugs which are degrading the performance of your Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) SM-J510FN? It is a common problem that is being faced by users and Samsung has started providing August Security Patch for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) which has a build number J510FNXXU2AQI6. Using this patch Samsung has solved the problems that users are facing due to various bugs which were degrading the performances of mobiles.

Download Install J510FNXXU2AQI6 August Security for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia)

Download Install J510FNXXU2AQI6 August Security for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia)

Samsung has taken the OTA approach to sending the patch. Have you received it? If you have not received it yet, there is no problem. You are at the right place and we will help you to manually do so by flashing the firmware. As you continue reading you will be able to understand how you can update your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) with J510FNXXU2AQI6 which is an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based August Security Patch for Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) SM-J510FN.

Countries where you can update

There are certain countries where you can update your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) with such nature of patches. The countries are Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and some more countries.

How the process is rolling out

As told Samsung has started sending the August Security Patch for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) with build number J510FNXXU2AQI6 via OTA update. It is certain that you will be receiving the update if you have not rooted your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia). It is great news for those who are conscious about the security of their phone. If you have received the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based update send by Samsung and you need to download it then just continue reading.

Steps to be followed to upgrade

There are certain steps which you must ensure to follow while you download and install the security patch with build number J510FNXXU2AQI6on your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia).

  • Ensure that there is enough storage in your phone
  • The battery charge must be 50% and above
  • Use W-Fi or a 4G connection to download
  • Have the data backup in case anything goes wrong
  • You can now download and it would not take much time as it is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based
  • You need to have Laptop or computer to perform the necessary action
  • Use Stock Firmware and not Custom ROM
  • You must be in Download Mode
  • Follow the steps carefully and do not miss any step.

How to download manually

It may be the case that you have not received any update notification as of yet. You can check that by being at Software Updates section of your phone. Now let us see how you can manually upgrade your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) SM-J510FN. You can upgrade using Samsung Kies. You need to install the official Samsung Kies on your computer and then you can upgrade your phone with the latest August Security Patch for Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) with build number J510FNXXU2AQI6. There are certain steps that you need to follow:


As you have now downloaded and installed the latest security patch your Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) is completely secured from any nature of bugs. If you still have any queries you can definitely contact us.

Update Via Samsung Kies

You can upgrade your phone to all latest firmware via Samsung Kies. Now install official Samsung Kies on your computer and start upgrading to latest August Security Patch update J510FNXXU2AQI6 on Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia).

Click Here To Upgrade Via Samsung Kies To August Security Patch Update.


There are some prerequisite to install this Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based security patch onto your phone.


  • Remember: This guide is to Install August Security Patch Update on Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) SM-J510FN (J510FNXXU2AQI6).
  • Your device must have 70% Battery.
  • You need a Laptop or PC to perform this Action.
  • You should be using Stock Firmware and not Custom ROM.
  • Back Up your Data to make sure you have data’s in case if something Wrong (This Process won’t lose your data).
  • You need to Enter Download Mode.
  • Make sure you have followed the steps properly. Don’t Skip and Read! – We are not responsible for any damage that you make to your Phone.

Remember, Below guide is to update full OTA firmware file on Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia).


Download Full Firmware

Guide to Flash Firmware Using ODIN


I hope you followed the above full guide link to install August Security Patch Marshmallow on Galaxy J5 2016 (Asia) manually. If any queries or feedbacks, please write comment to us.

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