JoyUI of Black Shark Phone will get MIUI 11 features

Xiaomi has recently launched the MIUI 11 skin officially based on the Android 10 OS version. The MIUI 11 has been started rolling out on Xiaomi and Redmi devices via batches with all core features. Meanwhile, Black Shark phones are also expected to receive the MIUI 11 core features on JoyUI. Black Shark is a gaming smartphone brand partnered with Xiaomi with flagship specifications. There are a couple of Black Shark devices available in the market. Such as Black Shark, Black Shark Helo, Black Shark 2, and Black Shark 2 Pro.

Black Shark has recently announced a poster of the JoyUI 11 version along with MIUI branding that means Xiaomi and Black Shark are working on the skin that offers most of the MIUI 11 features. Though there is no specific changes mentioned yet by the company. MIUI 11 comes with a slogan “efficiency innovation” and that will also be a part of Black Shark’s UI.

Black Shark devices are well optimized and powerful enough to run hardcore games for longer with touch responsiveness, better speakers, controller support, liquid cooling system, and more. Therefore, if the skin will be improved and optimized than earlier, then it will give a better user experience. Meanwhile, MIUI 11 also offers a cross-platform file transfer system with higher speeds. The large files and documents sharing become easy and convenient as well.

JoyUI of Black Shark Phone will get MIUI 11 features

JoyUI of Black Shark Phone will get MIUI 11 features

Let’s take a look at some of the useful features that Black Shark’s UI can get from MIUI 11. There are more highlighted and useful features available which come in handy.

1. New Icons and Smooth Animations:

MIUI 11 offers new icons and smooth animations for more enhanced user experience. While it also brings a new custom font into the list. The latest UI feels more premium and intuitive than the previous generation MIUI 10.


2. Ultra Power Saving Mode:

This ultra power saving mode offers much better battery life on a single charge. According to the Xioami, the mode can provide a battery backup up to 24 hours with just 5% of battery in standby. That means ultra power saving mode turns off all the extra and unnecessary things like Wi-Fi, mobile data, hides some of the battery consuming apps, restricts background processes. Most importantly, it enables the system-wide dark mode. That means your eyes and battery both will be happy.

3. System-Wide Dark Mode:

Whether you’re using an AMOLED display or not, the system-wide dark mode will come in handy for most of the users. In Android 10, when the device battery goes down up to 25%-20%, the battery saver mode automatically turns on. It also enables the dark mode to reduce the battery drain. Whereas, during the night time or low lighting conditions, the dark theme will reduce eye strain and even helps you to fall asleep faster.

4. Kids Mode:

The Kids Mode offers a safe digital environment for your kids. For those parents who care for their kids during the mobile use, make sure to set the specific apps and filtered contents.

5. Screen Casting:

This feature will allow MIUI 11 running smartphones to wirelessly cast screen content to a bigger screen like TV.


6. Digital Wellbeing:

The Digital Wellbeing feature offers you a dashboard to set a timer, check the status of used apps and its timings. If anyone getting addicted to a phone, this app will set a limit to reducing addiction from using the phone all the time. Therefore, if the Black Shark JoyUI 11 users become addicted to gaming every time, the Digital Wellbeing and Focus Mode can restrict the user up to a certain time.

7. Earthquake Alerts:

This feature will let the MIUI 11 user warning or notification if an earthquake gonna happens nearby. Therefore, the user can take steps accordingly. It also offers nearby relief places, medical support, etc.

8. Android 10:

As the MIUI 11 is based on Android 10 (aka Android Q) OS version, it offers more useful and improved features. Such as improved privacy and location control, chat bubble support, smart reply, foldable support, improved GPS navigation, Focus mode, Live Caption, etc.


Check out more about MIUI 11 features, eligible devices, and more.

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