Install Google’s New AR Based Just a Line App [Download APK]

Google has stepped-up it Augmented Reality game with a brand new Android App.  Yes..! Just A Line App is the new offering from Google that is based on AR. If you remember last month, we shared about the ARCore SDK tool which Google dropped fro the developers to work on AR based Apps. Just A Line App is a result of that. This is a stand-alone App that allows the users to sketch, doodle in the 3D space around them.

Just a Line App is based on ARCore Drawing experiment by Jonas Jongejan. You can doodle lines in the air that realistically stay there as you move around them. It will remind you of the Pixel’s AR stickers. You can also record videos using this App. This App is compatible with the device running on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 8.0 oreo or above.

Augmented Reality is the enhanced sense of reality. In this, physical real-world environments are augmented or induced with machine-generated images, materials over a user’s concurrent view of the real-world. Hence, this enhances one’s current perception of reality. AR simply uses your existing natural environment and puts virtual information on top of it. It is just the opposite of Virtual reality where the creation/presence of a virtual environment is a must.

Below you can find the official link to Google Play store where you can download Just a Line App.

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Download Just A Line App Based on Augmented Reality

Here is the official download link to the Just A Line App.

Download Just A Line Augmented Reality Drawing App [APK Download]

Those who may not have the availability of this cool App in their regions, below we have mentioned the mirror link from where you can grab the Just A Line APK.

Just A line APK Download [Mirror Link]

How Does Just A Line App Works

If you want to see how the latest AR based awesomeness that is Just A Line works, here take a look at this Youtube video. It shows how you can draw or scribble in the 3D environment around you.

[su_youtube url=”″]

So, that’s pretty much about the latest AR based Android App venture from Google. So, if you like AR, then grab this App and enjoy. Do let us know your experience.


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