Beginner Tips For The Last of Us 2: Complete Guide

Today we have with us the best Beginner Tips and complete guide for the newbies of Last of Us 2.

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s latest action-adventure game, The Last Of Us 2, will be released for PlayStation 4 this week. As players eagerly anticipate the launch of the game, we have come up with a guide to help you get to a solid start by learning all about the basics of combat and survival.

Let us head down and find out what you can do to get the best results while playing The Last Of Us 2.

Beginner Tips For The Last of Us 2: Complete Guide

Beginner Tips For The Last of Us 2

Here we present to you the best beginner guide for the players of The Last of Us 2. So let’s get started.

Take Advantage of your Surroundings to make your Stealth Mode Effective

You need to make excellent use of stealth in order to triumph in combat situations in The Last Of Us 2. Keep in mind that most enemies, including the Infected and aggressive Survivors, will usually tend to be in overwhelmingly large groups. Thus, you need to use surrounding objects as cover to conceal your movements. This will help you ambush your foes when they are least expecting it.


Conceal yourself by getting Prone behind or Underneath Objects

All those wrecked cars and foliage you see in the environment are not merely for looks. Prone yourself behind or underneath them can conceal you from prying eyes and potentially save your life. However, be wary of foes very close to you or present at a heightened position. They might be able to see you past your cover.

Make good use of the Listen Mode while Scouting

While playing on lower difficulty settings, the Listen Mode is beneficial in making a thorough scan of your surroundings. You should try to listen carefully for suspicious sounds and investigate them before entering any confined region.

Make use of the Listen Mode for spotting Scent Trails

There are some foes that have hunting dogs with them. These ferocious canines can smell you even if you are concealed. You need to utilize the Listen Mode to locate your scent trail and create a diversion to prevent them from chasing you.

Try your Best not to Engage with Dormant Infected

If you come across the Infected lying in a dormant condition, try to avoid them and get away unnoticed. Your safety is more important than needlessly getting yourself involved in a losing battle.

Avoid facing Clickers unless you are truly well Prepared

Clickers are deadly members of the Infected that have no humanity left in them. These terrible creatures will hunt you down early in the game and make a ferocious attack that is pretty much guaranteed to be lethal. You should not even consider facing them unless you have a really deadly weapon ready to use. The right way is to dispose of them using your Switchblade silently.

Do not Waste your Ammunition

You can imagine that Ammunition is rare to come by in the post-apocalyptic settings of the game. Thus, try to use it very wisely and make every shot of your count. Target your foes’ weakness before you fire. You can use Ammunition more economically by making use of both long guns and pistols.

Try to use Bows to Recycle Arrows

Bows are ancient but effective long-ranged weapons that serve as good long guns in the game. They make no noise while killing, and moreover, arrows are quite easily obtained from the corpses of your slain enemies. This will help you have a constant and reliable supply of ammo.

Prefer using Melee Attacks whenever Possible

Not only will melee attacks allow you to kill enemies with a lesser risk of giving yourself away, but they will help you save your ammo for tougher situations that call for gunfire.

Use Bricks to Batter, your Enemies as a Last Resort

If you are left with no usable weapon at all, you can still stand your ground and use bricks to bash your enemies. Usually, they only take three hits to kill.

Do not Hesitate to Flee from no-win Scenarios

If you find yourself in a completely overwhelming situation, such as being held at gunpoint or faced with huge groups of the Infected, it is best to flee instead of fighting a losing battle. That will prevent you from becoming an easy target. If you manage to slip out of their sights, they will generally try to look for you around the spot where you were last seen. You can use this opportunity to ambush them. Remember not to squander your element of surprise, though!

Keep an Eye out for Helpful little openings in the Walls

Ellie will be able to get through these cracks and get to safety. Make good advantage of this ability of hers to throw off any foes chasing you.

Make your Maximum Health Skill a priority while Upgrading

The Maximum Health Skill is undoubtedly the most worthy Skill Upgrade to obtain because it confers you with the maximum possible health and greatly increases your chances of surviving more bullets directed at you. However, it will not be able to save you from instant death.

Think well about using Skill Supplements


Now that the new Skill Branch is here, you must upgrade skills in that category in a straight order. Keep in mind the skills you will be able to acquire eventually and assign your Supplements according to that. This will enable you to get the most effective skills without many sidetracks.

Select your Weapon upgrades Carefully

You only have a certain number of parts available for upgrading weapons. Therefore, think carefully about the weapon upgrades you need the most. It is best to upgrade your hunting rifle’s Armor Piercing and Ammo Capacity, and your bow’s Range as soon as possible.

Create Holsters for Weapons as soon as you can

The long gun Holster should be one of the upgrades you should get as soon as possible. By doing this, you will be able to equip two long guns simultaneously. The pistol Holster grants you the ability to possess another pistol as well. It can be saved for deadlier weapons like El Diablo as well, which you will be able to obtain later in the game.

Leave no Loot behind!

Make sure you explore your surroundings as meticulously as possible so that no pieces of loot or ammo are left behind. Especially after you have maxed out your carrying capacity, you should try to keep a healthy stock of all items. Apart from this, you can try crafting more of the items to create space for extra materials as well.

Try to use Difficulty and Accessibility settings that are better suited for you

If you are finding the game too difficult to play, try adjusting the difficulty settings and accessibility settings until you are comfortable with them. This will allow you to play at your desired level of difficulty and make a lot of other possible changes to your gaming experience.

Adjust the layout of your buttons

You can now rebind your button layouts on your PlayStation 4 controller according to your preference. You can adjust them until you are comfortable with the results.

That is it for now. We hope you have a great time with The Last Of Us 2 when it is released. Till then, check out our Windows Troubleshooting Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media Guides, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides for more great content. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to participate in the $150 giveaway contest. If you have any queries or feedback, comment down below with your name along with e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Best of Luck!

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