What is The Last of Us 2 Soda Can Code?

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Last of Us Part 2 features a surprisingly large amount of puzzles and hidden areas. There are locked doors and safes that need to be opened using these keycodes, and most of the time, these keycodes are kept hidden. Fortunately, the key codes are constant throughout the game. This means players can always get the codes online to proceed ahead rather than having to solve these puzzles.

The Soda Can code can be the most difficult code to solve in The Last of Us Part 2, as players won’t have the complete code even after solving the puzzle. Players will have to try their luck and apply some logical reasoning to form the rest of the complete code by themselves.

In this guide, we will help the players to find the Soda Can Code. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is The Last of Us 2 Soda Can Code?

What is The Last of Us 2 Soda Can Code?

The Soda Can code let’s Ellie through a locked door that leads to a lounge. The lounge offers a lot of valuable loot like ammunition, health supplies, and plenty of crafting resources.

Players need to enter 15243 as the code, but the tricky part is finding out the key code to unlock this door. The only instructions are on the note that tells players a drink to find the code. The drink is contained in the soda dispenser, which Ellie will hit to make that fall off the dispenser.

Conveniently, there will also be a vending machine that happens to be nearby. 

Since Ellie doesn’t have money on hand, players will have to break open the vending machine somehow and grab a drink. Players will immediately notice the first 3 digits of the key code taped onto this can. The remaining 2 digits are what needs to be figured out on their own.

Anyways, moving onto the remaining digits. Once players have the first 3 digits, head over to the locked door and enter them, it is obvious that at a time only one of each digit can be entered. Fortunately, this makes guessing the remaining 2 digits much easier as it reduces the number of combinations. Through painstaking trial and error, players will eventually figure out the whole code and make their way through the door.

Additional Hints

Do you think that code being taped and placed inside the vending machine is strange?

Finding all the hidden areas and combination safes are important for making progress in the game. They will offer valuable loot that will come in handy during difficult levels. Some players have even reported on completely missing out on certain weapons by not finding these puzzles.

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