The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Similar to Joel’s penchant for comic books in the first game, Ellie has a knack for collecting superhero trading cards in Naughty Dog’s newly released post-apocalyptic sequel, The Last Of Us 2. Basically, they are just a little paper cards with melodramatic descriptions of the superhero or villain they feature. As an aside, they also contain some amusing references to the game’s developers.

These items are found scattered throughout the storyline. While some can be easily found, others are concealed cleverly, and some even require you to solve puzzles. Plus, they are susceptible to being easily missed due to their tiny size. After scouring through the wide expanse of Seattle QZ, we have finally prepared the complete list of all the 48 trading cards in the game, complete with their locations.

Let’s head onto our guide without any further delay, and read how you can find these cards in The Last Of Us 2!


There are inevitable spoilers up ahead. Keep that in mind if you are playing the game for the first time.

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Waking Up Trading Cards

Trading Card 1 – Seismicalya (Jackson)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations


This one is surprisingly easy to go unnoticed if you are not alert enough. After you wake up, grab your gear and go through the streets of Jackson with Jesse, keep an eye out for the Main Street Gallery. You will see a notice board on the wooden wall there. Right in the corner is your very first trading card of Seismicalya.

Trading Card 2 – The Keen Twins (Jackson)



You will enter the Tipsy Bison Saloon soon after this. A cutscene will play out; after it is over, go to the back of the room. You will find the Keen Twins card on top of a barrel, near the dartboard.

Patrol Trading Cards

Trading Card 3 – Tesseractor (Patrol)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

While patrolling around on horseback with Dina, you will eventually ride into an open area with some caravans and a handful of derelict houses. Explore them to grab some treasure, and then find the house with a car parked in front of it. Climb up the car and onto the awning, and then jump into the house. You will find the Tesseractor card on a bookshelf in there.

Trading Card 4 – Laurent Foucalt (Patrol)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

When you go into the library to take shelter from the blizzard while patrolling, you get a chance to go through Eugene’s hiding place. Enter the back room and check out the storage cupboard on your left. On a desk in there is the fourth trading card for Laurent Foucault.

The Gate Trading Cards

Trading Card 5 – Motivator (The Gate)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

You will be riding on horseback through the forest with Dina. Eventually, you will come across some abandoned cars near a bus stop. Dismount from your horse and examine the bus stop closely. You will find the Motivator card taped onto its inner wall.

Trading Card 6 – The Starfire Kids (The Gate)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations


As you go further, you will come to a road with a sign pointing towards Seattle North. Just opposite to this is a little cabin. Enter and explore the place. You will find the Starfire Kids trading card on the notice board in there.

Trading Card 7 – Chessmaster (The Gate)

Climb over the wall of Seattle QZ and proceed to walk up the gangway on the other side of the wall. Instead of going down the main ladder, find another ladder nearby, and use it to get inside the watchtower. You will find the Chessmaster trading card in there.

Trading Card 8 – Oozer (The Gate)

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

When you are attempting to turn on the generator, hurl your line onto the top of the mobile office building and proceed to climb up onto there. You will find the Oozer trading card lying atop a cozy white chair.

Downtown Trading Cards

Trading Card 9 – Doctor Uckmann

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

You will find a wrecked building just opposite to the place where you enter the big hub area. Climb up this building, break inside through a window and explore the place a bit. Eventually, you will find some gun parts and supplements inside, along with the card for Dr. Uckmann in a green box (who happens to have a name similar to the game’s director, Neil Druckmann).

Trading Card 10 – Das Wort

This one can be easily found in the Valiant music shop, inside the drawer behind the counter on the left as you enter the place.

Trading Card 11 – Flo

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

You will find this one at the distant end of Downtown Seattle, at the back of the open-world region in the vicinity of the bivouac with a workbench. Look for a sign referring to Gate West D2. Look for a safe here, and use the code 0451 to unlock it. You will find the trading card for Flo inside.

Trading Card 12 – Big Blue

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

You will find this one in Ruston Cofee near the upper right corner of the map of Seattle. You will find it inside a drawer just behind the counter, under the microwave, and the prominent “Hot Chocolate” sign.

Trading Card 13 – Know It All

After passing the “fuck FEDRA” gate, go inside the hotel and make your way up the stairs. Enter the room just behind the corpse at the top of the stairs. Make your way into the room adjacent to that one, and you will find a TV with a note inside the drawers under it. You will find a little table with a drawer across it. Open the drawer and retrieve the Know It All card from inside it.

Eastbrook Elementary Trading Cards

Trading Card 14 – Cardio

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Just after you face humans for the first time, you will have to make your way through some rooftops until you finally face the prospect of leaping onto a balcony. In that building, leap over the fallen furniture and enter the room on your right. Check the drawer on the little table near the bed. You will find the card for Cardio inside it.

Capitol Hill Trading Cards

Trading Card 15 – Kinnard Esq

After getting away from school, go after Dina and walk down the road. Go right, and you will soon come across House Number 3 there, with its door hanging wide open. Go inside, and you will find a drawer with the Kinnard Esq card inside.

Trading Card 16 – Rockafella

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Get back onto the streets and start making your way towards the skyscrapers. You will come across a motel eventually; go inside and walk up to the door for room three on the ground floor. The room will be locked. Go into the room next to it and climb out of the window at the back. Now climb into room three through its back window. You will find the card for Rockafella on the ground, near the TV.

Trading Card 17 – Doctor Stem

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After you have fought your way past the enemy soldiers on your way to the television studio, go into the Aurora bookshop (the place where you find the book titled Sorority Secrets) and enter its cafeteria. You will find an upgraded magazine there, lying near a typewriter. While facing this typewriter, go right and enter the dimly lit room there. You will find a vinyl player on your right, with the card for Doctor Stem lying next to it.

Trading Card 18 – Sergeant Frost

Walking through the streets of Seattle, you will eventually be required to go down a ladder over an old FEDRA checkpoint. Instead of doing that, go just opposite to it on the street and look for the Live Street Market on your right. Dispatch the Infected you find inside, and retrieve the card for Sergeant Frost from the back room’s safe.

Trading Card 19 – Candelabra

After you use the proximity mine in the minefield to blow up the attacking Infected to smithereens, enter the room it came from and look for the rack near an ATM in the left corner of the room. You will find the card for Candelabra in a pile of violet boxes under a large poster for cards.

Trading Card 20 – Bizarrebra

When you enter the gym with Dina during the trip mine portion, climb out and notice a huge mural on the back of a truck parked there. It prominently features a woman on it. Go left from here, jumping over vehicles until you finally reach a bookshop on your left, behind you. You will find the card for Bizarrebra among a set of kids’ books in the Children’s section.

Channel 13 Trading Cards

Trading Card 21 – Kimimela

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Enter the TV Station and move onto the next floor. Search for an office with an accessible balcony. You will eventually come across one, but unfortunately, it is locked. However, you can still sneak along the outside and enter it through the window. You will find the card for Kimimela on the desk of the smallest office in there

The Tunnels Trading Cards

Trading Card 22 – The Imp

Crawl under the train and move across the doorway lit up by red light. The card for The Imp is present inside some garbage bags under the train door.

Trading Card 23 – Dr. Daniela Star

After you are done at the TV station and successfully fight your way through the underground, you will eventually get to safety with Dina’s help and come across a blue door leading to an office. Go to the far right corner of the back of the room and crawl under the table. You will discover a hole in the wall, through which you can emerge into the locked area. After climbing over some desks, you will eventually find the card for Dr. Daniela Star on a computer desk there.

Trading Card 24 – Bastet

After escaping from the Shamblers in the underground, you and Dina will converse about a train crash. Then you will have to go to the left of the red machine and squeeze under an upturned train car. You will find the card for Bastet in a little container on your left there.

The Theater Trading Cards

Trading Card 25 – Mortem

After entering the Theatre with Dina, you will have to explore the area and ensure that it is safe. You will find the card for Mortem on a breakable display case on the first floor. Vault the counter and then break the glass to retrieve the card.

Trading Card 26 – Beyond

This card is present in the Theatre. Climb the stairs and go along the corridor, turning right. You will find the card for Beyond right at the end of this very corridor, near an upturned sofa and a few boxes.

The Birthday Gift Trading Cards

Trading Card 27 – The Nighthawk

Go to the main room of the museum. Just a little before the washroom, you will find the card for the Nighthawk on a bench in a little alcove on your right.

Trading Card 28 – Saura

When you get separated from Joel and are alone as Ellie in the museum, approach the exhibit where a mouse is being attacked by wolves. You will find the card for Saura on a bench to the right of this exhibit.

The Hillcrest Trading Cards

Trading Card 29 – Wachumero

After regaining control of Ellie in Hillcrest, go towards your right and jump down. You will find a wrecked truck that is partly flooded with water. Breakthrough the window and retrieve the card for Wachumero.

Trading Card 30 – Sahir the Sorceror

At the beginning of Hillcrest, climb over the wall, and you will see a pack of wolves go up the hill towards the stadium. Ignore them for now and go left through the gap in the foliage. You will arrive at the Caroline Paper Co. Climb the dumpster and enter the building. At the back of the store, you will see a cardboard box. Inside it, you will find the card for Sahir the Sorcerer. You will have to lean a bit in order to retrieve it.

Trading Card 31 – Naledi the Youthful

After solving the dumpster puzzle, climb inside the room with the cracked wall. You will find a bicycle parked on the right side of the workbench. If you observe closely, the card for Naledi the Youthful is stuck in the bicycle’s spokes.

Trading Card 32 – Brainstorm

After the confrontation with a zombie in Hillcrest (where you comment on the smoke arising from a bomb explosion), climb up the fence and another one beyond that. You will find yourself in a garden with a small yellow toy house in it. The card for Brainstorm is in a hole on the wall of this house.

Trading Card 33 – Reverb

After obtaining the bow near the end of the Hillcrest area, you will come across a yellow house with a blue car parked outside. Enter this house and go up to the top floor. You will find the card for Reverb under the bed there.

Finding Strings Trading Cards

Trading Card 34 – The Austringer

This one can be found in Ellie’s flashback when you are going with Joel. After pulling up the horses, you will notice the Music Store sign in the vicinity. Approach it, go over the vehicle parked there, and get down into the heavily waterlogged road. In a wrecked car there, you will find the card for The Austringer.

Trading Card 35 – Randy Styles

After you leave the hospital and move past the gate, you will go inside a shop. You will find the card for Randy Styles in the far right corner of the shop inside a box of cards.

Trading Card 36 – Shift

While going to the hospital, you will find a building marked “Convenience Centre” on your right. Enter it and go up the broken elevator until you come across a locked door. Shoot down the glass on the awning there, throw over the rope you find and climb into the room. You will find the card for Shift inside a duffel bag in there.

Trading Card 37 – Star Sign

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Walk down towards the same hospital and go left. You will see a truck and some girders protruding from a building. Go up to the second floor there and look for a safe. You will find the card for Star Sign inside a drawer on the bedside table, near a workbench.

Training Card 38 – Arch-Enemy

After making your way across the comic book expo, climb over the ledge and go right. Break into the greenhouse and jump down into the ground floor. You will notice a locked door on your left. Break the window to its side and climb into the room. You will find the card for Arch-Enemy in a drawer there.

Trading Card 39 – Doppelganger

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After your encounter with the Seraphites in the sewer, you will find yourself in an apartment block known as the Garden Suites. Head upstairs, and you will find the card for Doppelganger among some children’s toys there.

Trading Card 40 – Bhat M’Andarr

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After you face off against the Scars for the first time, you will end up on a rooftop. Climb down the ladder into the water, and swim across until you arrive at the bank. Go upstairs into Weston’s Pharmacy. You will find the card for Bhat M’Andarr on your left after entering.

Road To The Aquarium Trading Cards

Trading Card 41 – Esquire

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After regaining control at the beginning of Day 3, instead of going through the theater’s red curtain, turn towards the left. You will find the card for Esquire lying on a desk in front of stage monitors there.

Trading Card 42 – Tormentra

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

 After leaving the theater with Jesse, you will arrive at a WPL building. You can get inside by breaking the window or slipping under the jammed door. Inside, you will find printers, shipping supplies, and packages that were strewn about. Go through the blue door and walk down the corridor until you see a pair of double doors on your left. Just across them is another door that is blocked by some upturned furniture. Crawl underneath them to enter the room, and you will find the card for Tormentra there amid other items.

Trading Card 43 – Tanager

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

Go to the bookstore and locate the customer service desk near the escalator on the ground floor. You will find a large fort of bookshelves covered with a mattress nearby. Crawl underneath it, and you will find the card for Tanager within.

Trading Card 44 – Tatuaje

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After you and Jesse cross the bridge and decide to steal a boat, you will drop into a barricaded area and crawl under some rubble, while jumping over a little wooden cabinet. Instead of proceeding ahead, go back to this cabinet, and you will find the card for Tatuaje inside it.

The Flooded City Trading Cards

Trading Card 45 – Seff ‘Lo ‘Phad

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

When Ellie is driving the boat, you will eventually come to a little waterfall, and a gate blocks your path. There is a yellow forklift on your left. Dismount after the drop and enter the room on your right. You will find the card for Seff ‘Lo ‘Phad in a drawer at the far end of the place.

Trading Card 46 – Kazakh Bright

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After clearing the arcade, check the bottom right of the arcade room. You will find a grate on the prize counter. On the other side of this, look to the right under the prize counter. You will find the card for Kazakh Bright there.

Pushing Inland Trading Cards

Trading Card 47 – CBB-73

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

After moving away from the beach, you will encounter some Infected, wrecked vehicles and derelict houses as you climb up the hill. You will soon find a crack in a wall that you have to crawl under. Walk past the dilapidated fountain and take down the Clicker on the nearby rooftop. Now climb up the wrecked car and get onto the roof. Head towards your right and use the window to enter the building. Walkthrough the door on your right. In this room, you will find the card for CBB-73 inside a dressing table.

The Resort Trading Cards

Trading Card 48 – Sparkthug

The Last of Us 2: All Trading Cards Locations

In the area where you engage in combat against the Rattlers taunting the leashed runner, you will find the final card for Sparkthug. It is located inside a small arched room in the back building. You will find it lying right next to the stereo when you enter the room.

That is it for now. We hope our guide proves useful in helping you obtain all the trading cards in The Last Of Us 2. You can check out our other guides on Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Tricks, and Android Tricks for more related guides. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel can fetch a $150 giveaway in our contest. If you have any doubts or feedback, comment down below with your name along with the e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Happy Gaming.

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