How to Lock Bootloader of OnePlus 5


OnePlus 5 is a very popular smartphone in the present scenario. You might have no idea but the overall numbers of users of this smartphone are increasing at a very fast speed. There are certain factors that have contributed to the success of this device. The device is very powerful and by Unlocking the bootloader, it can be made more powerful. We already shared the full guide on How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 5. However, it voids the warranty and can create a lot of other issues. In this post, we will guide you to lock bootloader of OnePlus 5.

For making any custom changes such as Kernel, TWRP, UI changes or a custom ROM to your widget, it is necessary to unlock the bootloader of same. By default, it comes with a locked bootloader. There are certain things you need to be careful about unlocking the bootloader. Google SafetyNet checks are contributing a lot in this. It enables you to make your phone more useful to you without tampering the OS.

There are a lot of tasks which your phone cannot perform if it has an unlocked bootloader. Thus you can lock it once again in case you have unlocked it previously. It must be noted that the guide we mentioned in this post needs a factory reset on your OnePlus 5. Therefore you must keep the back of all the data. Also, before proceeding, make sure you have completely removed all the modifications from your device.

Before you proceed with the guide mentioned in this post, it must be ensured that you have Fastboot tools and ADB installed on your device. You need to visit the “Command Prompt” to start the ADB service. The “Developers Mode” should be enabled to your OnePlus 5 and at the same time you must enable “USB debugging Mode”. Follow the guide below on How to Lock Bootloader of OnePlus 5.


How to Lock Bootloader of OnePlus 5

Guide to Relock Lock Bootloader of OnePlus 5


  1. This Method is only for OnePlus 5 users.
  2. You need Laptop or PC
  3. Working USB Cable
  4. Charge your phone to at least 70%
  5. is not responsible for any damage to your phone while installing this Update.
  6. Make sure that you have latest USB drivers installed.
  7. Download the ADB Fastboot tools. Watch this Video on How to install ADB Fastboot on PC.
  8. Take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed.


  • Firstly, boot your device into the Fastboot mode.
  • Through a USB cable, connect your OnePlus 5 with your PC.
  • In the Command Prompt, type the below command and press Enter.
fastboot flashing lock
  • You need to press the Volume P or down button till the time “Yes” option is highlighted.
  • You can select this option by pressing the power button.
  • After this, you need to wait for your device to factory reset and reboot.
  • Finally, you need to wait for your device to reboot again into Android.
  • You have the option to disable OEM unlock feature.

There is nothing much you need to worry about anything. As you have already unlocked the bootloader on your OnePlus 5, managing the things would be simple for you. Actually, there are times when people buy used smartphones and face issues because the device might have unlocked bootloader by the previous owner. Thus this guide is useful for you to Lock Bootloader of OnePlus 5


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