How to Create macOS Big Sur Beta Bootable Installation USB Drive

Apple released the macOS Big Sur at this year’s WWDC event. While the beta build is available for the macOS it is still limited to a few users. Besides, anyone wanting to install it must set up the installer. This is a very time-consuming process if you wish to install the OS on multiple Macbooks. So, the best way is to create macOS Big Sur beta bootable USB drive for installation. In this guide, I will tell you how to create one.

Not only in installing the new OS, but creating this USB drive will also help in backup restore and formatting the Mac. Also, you can use the same USB drive and install the new macOS on multiple MacBooks. The new operating system will only work on the compatible MacBooks and not just any Mac. This guide will require the user to have the know-how of the command line to manually set up the bootable drive.  So, let’s dive into the guide and see how to do it.

macOS Big Sur

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Create macOS Big Sur Beta Bootable Installation USB Drive

Before proceeding, I have mentioned some guidelines that you must go through and follow. Also, you need some devices and applications that are crucial to this setup guide.


  • A USB Drive (try to get a 32 GB variant)
  • macOS Big Sur installer app [make sure to save it to the Applications folder]
  • A MacBook compatible with the Big Sur OS
  • Active internet connectivity
  • Most importantly take a backup of your device data to be on the safer side


GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any data corruption, data loss, buggy application, or any issue that may happen on your MacBook if some incidental problem happens during or post the creation of the USB drive.

Creating the macOS Big Sur Beta Bootable Drive


I have demonstrated about creating a bootable drive of the Big Sur public beta in this guide. The command line will differ if you are creating the drive over a developer beta or closed beta.
  • Press Command key + spacebar initiate Spotlight
  • Type Terminal and hit Enter to open it
  • Now, connect the USB drive to your Mac and ensure to rename it into something convenient like NEWDRIVE
  • If you are creating the drive for the public beta of macOS Big Sur, then give the following command
    sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ Sur\ --volume /Volumes/NEWDRIVE --nointeraction
  • It will take some time to create and when it finishes you will see a pop-up saying the process has been finished.

Now, this USB drive can be connected to any other Mac compatible with the Big Sur OS and you can install the new OS from that.


Booting Up A Mac with the Installation USB Drive

  • Connect the USB Drive that you created above to any MacBook
  • Now, reboot the Mac
  • As the bootup screen shows up the press the Option key
  • Keep it pressed until the boot menu shows up
  • select the one that says NEWDRIVE as per the bootable drive name we created
  • The Mac will now boot with the USB drive

In case the Mac Doesn't Boot

This may happen on certain Macs running the latest OS.

  • Press Command + R to reboot to recovery
  • from the Utility menu select Startup Security Utility
  • Then select Allow Booting from External Media

So, that’s it. If you want to create a bootable USB drive for installing the macOS Big Sur Beta on any MacBook, then do follow this guide. Feel free to share the guide with your friends as well.

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