How to maximize battery life on the new iPhone 8 plus

Battery life is one of the biggest challenges faced by all smartphone manufacturers today. The user requirement today is a high power device with many features without affecting the battery life. This makes the manufactures face the biggest hustle. When they successfully include many features this will surely affect the battery life and let the battery life drain real fast. Even the top of the line manufacturer the Apple gets affected seriously by this. Many users have the complaint about fast draining battery even on the all-new iPhone 8 plus launched recently. This article will walk you through steps you can try which will help you maximize battery life on the new iPhone 8 plus.

The new iPhone 8 plus is for sure a better device than the old ones. The all-new powerful processor and camera make it cool. But when it got cool in case of processing speed this is for sure going to affect the battery. So if you are the one who stays out on a busy schedule with all the features switched on, your iPhone 8 plus is going to bring you trouble. Follow the steps given here to increase battery life on your iPhone 8 plus.

How to maximize battery life on the new iPhone 8 plus

Steps to maximize battery life on the new iPhone 8 plus

There are various things which eat up your battery and there are various things you should do to save it too. Please read through to find out.

Keep your device updated

If you face a serious battery issue after an update there is a high probability that Apple will rectify this with a new update. This had happened many times, and keeping your device updated is the basic thing you can do to keep your battery percentage high always. The steps to check for updates on iPhone 8 plus are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on general
  3. Tap on software update
  4. If any, tap on download and install

Lower your brightness and keep auto brightness enabled

The one main thing which drains the battery on standby is the screen brightness. There are people who light up the screen even in dark conditions which are really unwanted. So make it low as possible, or enabling the auto-brightness will do this automatically. The steps to enable auto brightness on iPhone 8 plus are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on display and brightness
  3. Switch on auto brightness

You can at any time bring up the control center to change the brightness level.

Enable low power mode

Low power mode when enable will cut down any unwanted settings which will eat up your battery life. It is always a good idea to enable low power mode if you won’t be able to plug in your device for a long time. The steps to enable low power mode are:

  1. Bring up control center by swiping up
  2. Click on the battery icon to turn it yellow

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to maximize battery life on the new iPhone 8 plus. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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