Meizu Gravity to Launch Along With Meizu 16 On August 8!

Most of the Meizu fans know that the company is going to launch its latest flagship phones on August 8. Interestingly, it is rumored to be the cheapest Snapdragon 845 powered phone, that too with an under display fingerprint sensor. Well, continuing the greats, Meizu has also announced that along with the Meizu 16 on August 8th, they will also finally launch their long awaited speakers, named “Gravity”.

Meizu Gravity is a cool looking speaker, which was announced by Meizu way back in December 2016. The speaker works both with wire and wirelessly. To standout from most of the products available in market, Meizu has given it a unique and cool look. There is a prism on the top which displays the information of the song being played. It looks like the glass from the prism stretches way down to the bottom, which holds the speaker making it look like floating in the air. To know more about Gravity, watch the video below:

The speaker was announced as a croudfunded project on Indigogo, with worldwide delivery. It became successful and completed its target easily.  It also got media’s attention from many of the big tech sites throughout the world. It was supposed to be the first product of Meizu to ship to the US markets.

But when Meizu’s founder Mr. Jack Wong returned back to the company, he found that the product and it’s sound quality was not meeting Meizu’s quality standards, and needed some improvements. So he decided to stop the production for sometime, and then relaunch it again when it gets completely ready.


Later, last year in MWC 2017, Meizu showcased a beta version of the device. They also said that the speaker might be launched soon within 2-3 months. But this also did not happen. This year, in February, Meizu Gravity cleared the Bluetooth certification. Later, rumours started rising that Meizu is finally launching its speaker soon. And now, Meizu has officially confirmed on their Chinese social network account that they are going to launch the much awaited Meizu Gravity on August 8, along with the Meizu 16.

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