Download Latest Mi Drop v1.9.29 File sharing Tool [Official APK]

Over the recent years, smartphones have grown up to be more than just phones. Among all cool features we see, one of the prime attributes is support for various media files over the smartphones. What makes it more interesting that it is shareable with dozens of other smartphones without any limits. Earlier for sharing the media files, we used the Bluetooth only. With advancement in Android technology, we have now various Apps that exclusively perform this task. One such well-known App is Xiaomi’s own Mi Drop file sharing tool. The latest Mi Drop v1.9.29 is now rolling from the official servers of the Chinese OEM. With the latest version of the file-sharing App, users can now open the downloaded files in Mi Drop itself. Also, the error that was making the Bluetooth go back to the initial state after the connection was made has now been fixed.

The Mi Drop is well known for being able to share file without the presence of internet connection or active data usage. This tool is entirely Ad-free. Xiaomi claims it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It supports various file types and also all kinds of Android devices. Sharing of the files is as simple as by doing only 1 tap. The App even supports around 12 international and territorial languages. Xiaomi devices usually pre-install their devices with Mi Drop. It is also available as stand-alone App in the Google play store.

Below we have provided the link to the latest Mi Drop v1.9.29 APK.  Although it is also available on the Google play store, the APK has not been updated to the latest version.

Download Latest Mi Drop v1.9.29 File Sharing Tool

Here is the link to the official server from where you can grab the latest Mi Drop v1.9.29.

Latest Mi Drop v1.9 from Xiaomi [APK Download ]

You can install it just as you would install any other regular App on your device. It is from the official sources so, it won’t really cause any permission issues.

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So, that’s it. Enjoy the latest file sharing tool Mi Drop v1.9.29 and share files as much as you can.


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