Microsoft Takes 2nd Place from Amazon in the United States on Wall Street

Microsoft takes the second place from Amazon becoming the second most valuable US company on Wall Street.

By end of Friday Microsoft’s market cap soared to $821 billion compared to $803 of Amazon. Though both are still behind Apple as it crosses $1 trillion scales.

Microsoft shares rose 13% from their 1st May close of $95 to reach the stand of $106.96 for the Friday closing bagging it the second place from Amazon. Though if we look at the entire 2018 chart, Amazon is still up by 40% in comparison to Microsoft’s 25%.

Matter of fact on Wednesday Amazon’s stock evaluation prices drooped to 70, means their shares are trading at 70 times their earnings per share, which also happens to be their lowest since 2011.

On the other hand, Microsoft reported their first fiscal quarter earnings that made it a new year for the investors. Still, Microsoft requires a 22% rise of it intends to reach the $130 stand to be the third US public trading company with a $1 trillion valuation yet.



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