Modern Warfare Infected Glitch Makes Player Invincible and Unkillable

Modern Warfare’s Infected is one of the most popular game modes for the game. The Reinfected Ground War playlist was introduced with the May 19 update alongside a few other changes. In a recent clip posted on Reddit, an opposing player seems to be completely invincible to attacks. The player was the last surviving member of the opposing team.

This clip was shared by a Reddit user with the title u/Broncos57. In the clip, you can clearly see that players were attacking the enemy with melee attacks and with a knife. However, even after multiple attacks, the enemy seems to be unscathed. This Modern Warfare Infected glitch has left many players hunting for an explanation.

Modern Warfare Infected Glitch Makes Player Invincible and Unkillable

The situation that leads up to this Modern Warfare Infected glitch is as follows. Broncos57 manages to connect a throwing knife at the enemy. However, he gets on an ATV in an attempt to escape. But before he escapes, Broncos57 hops on to the ATV and attacks the enemy at point-blank range.

I have no words from modernwarfare

Furthermore, his teammates also attack the lone survivor on the ATV with no success. In fact, after just a few seconds of standing atop the ATV, Broncos57 is killed. The sole survivor then proceeds to win the match in an almost impossible 1 vs 39 clutches as the timer ran out. One might assume that the last opposing player was using some kind of invincibility hacks. However, that does not seem to be the case.


A good explanation for this Modern Warfare Infected glitch is that standing on a moving ATV might be the issue. This is because players aren’t expected to be attacking an enemy while standing on a moving ATV. Of course, this is plain speculation and there might be a few other plausible reasons for the glitch. Since there’s no official statement on the glitch, we are left to make our own guesses. Nevertheless, there’s a bit of humor to take away from the clip since Broncos57 is unfortunately killed by his own knife.

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