Moto Z2 Play Bluetooth Connectivity Issues and Fixes

The new Moto Z2 Play has lots of great features and has garnered good reviews since it hit the market; however, there were some reports of Moto Z2 Play Bluetooth connectivity issues whether it is to connect to a Bluetooth speaker, your cars headset or simply to your earphones. It seems to be a very common problem amongst them and can be very annoying.

Guide on How to Resolve Moto Z2 Play Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

It sometimes occurs on several Bluetooth devices that it is necessary to do a pair with the Moto Z2 Play. To pair two devices, you need to press the Bluetooth button for a few seconds and search for the device you wish to pair. Once the pairing is complete, other Bluetooth options can be accessed.

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Also, try clearing the Bluetooth data on your device. The data that is to be deleted are the ones related to your Bluetooth settings, saved connections and any other settings that require the Bluetooth service. It can also be termed a cache, which is a part set aside on your phone to store data so that there will be a seamless connection after a period of time. Clearing this part of the memory makes the phone respond to commands faster. In some cases, this method will work in fixing the Bluetooth issues of the device, if it does not, then you may try the other options below.

  • Switch your Moto Z2 Play on, once on the home screen, select the App button and proceed to settings, browse and select the Application Manager thereafter swipe left or right to display all tabs; select the Bluetooth option then select the option to stop the application forcefully. Clear the cache, tap the clear Bluetooth data option, and click on okay to confirm. Once finished, you should reboot your device to see if the issue has been fixed

Desynchronize the Bluetooth device of the Moto Z2 Play

  • One of the first things to do when Moto Z2 Play Bluetooth connectivity issues arise is to disconnect the device to which you wish to connect. In cases where the Bluetooth device appears in the list of available Bluetooth devices, you should desynchronize it. To get this done, hold down the device on the list for a few seconds until the ungroup option appears, tap the option and try the connection process again

Use a different Bluetooth device

  • In the event nothing still works, it is possible that the trouble comes from your Bluetooth device and not the Moto Z2 Play. To confirm this, try connecting to another device, if successful then the problem lies with the device, if unsuccessful, then the problem lies with your Moto Z2 Play and should be replaced or upgraded.

Upgrade the Moto Z2 Play

  • It happens sometimes that you have to upgrade the Moto Z2 Play to repair the Bluetooth option of the cell phone. It is this type of correction that is carried out in the updates the manufacturer proposes.

Another option is to:

  • Place your Moto Z2 Play in recovery mode to reset it
    This is achieved by turning off your phone, clicking and holding down the volume-down key and power button together until an icon appears on the screen.
    Use the volume up and volume down keys to navigate through the various selections and select the reset option.
    When these steps are done, you can try connecting your Moto Z2 Play with a Bluetooth device to find out if the problem has been resolved.

This guide covers all current existing temporary fixes and their alternatives on fixing the Bluetooth connectivity problem on the Moto Z2 Play.

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