Moto Z2 Play Screen Flickering Problem: How to Fix

These Moto Z2 play smartphone is really unique due to the various available Moto Mods, which are extensions that can be easily attached to these smartphones, which includes additions like high-end speakers, camera mod, battery extensions, as well as a projector.
Although Moto Z2 play is a great device that came with great configuration, just like every other Android smartphone device, there are some minor issues users reportedly encounter while using their devices, which ranges from battery draining quickly, Wi-Fi not working to screen flickering issues. These basic issues can be resolved by the user, even without visiting a Motorola Service Centre. We will be showing you how to resolve Moto Z2 Play screen flickering problem.

How to Fix Moto Z2 Play Flickering Problem

When your Moto Z2 play screen start misbehaving and it looks as though few drops of water touched on the screen, it could be as a result of various issues such as old software glitch, a third party application or some other software related troubles. It is neither a problem with your smartphone nor your Android OS. Below are possible ways of resolving Moto Z2 Play screen flickering problem.
1. Restart your smartphone device
A simple restart helps the phone refresh its settings thereby fixing some of the basic errors that we encounter in our devices. Restart your Moto Z2 play device and check if still flickers. However, simple restart sometimes fixes the problem temporarily; hence the problem comes back again.

2. Safe Mode
Safe Mode allows your device run without any third party applications. This can help you to locate the apps that are causing the screen flickering problem. If your device works smoothly in this safe mode, simply uninstall the recently installed app(s) that you believe might be the cause. Then reboot your phone normally and check if the screen flickering issues have stopped.


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3. Check the Screen Flex Cable


When you experience screen flickering issues, it’s not out of place to check the screen flex if it loosens or disconnected. The screen flex cable might become loosen when you accidentally drop or hit your Android device. You could switch off your device and open it up, then check if the screen flex cable is disconnected or loosen so as to reconnect it or tighten it. You save money doing this, rather than taking it to the Service centre.

4. Animation Scales 
If you have enabled Developer Options in your device, the issue may be due to the animation scale. Locate and tap on “About” in the Settings menu, then tap on the ”Build Number” continuously for seven times. You should see a “You’re now a developer” pop up message. A Developer Options option will now appear in your Settings menu. Tap on it and scroll down to locate Windows Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale and Transition Animation Scale. Reset them all to 1x, however since this given issue is related to the Animation Duration Scale setting only, so you could adjust that only. This should resolve the Moto Z2 Play screen flickering problem.

5. Update Your Apps and Firmware
If you haven’t updated your apps or your phone system for a period of time, there is a possibility that it may be causing your phone screen to flicker. Every app updates and system update brings fixes for bugs and possible problems. It is therefore advisable to ensure your smartphone device gets updated always so that your device will have the latest version of apps and operating system. To update your apps, tap on your google play store app and search for apps that need to be updated. Update them separately, not all at once. To update your device, locate “About Device” in Settings menu of the device, then tap on Check updates and if an update is available then install the update.

6. Wipe Cache Partition 
Every devices cache partition contains files which could cause screen flickering problem when they become corrupted. If you encounter such phone flickering problem, then you would need to clear the cache partition so that your device gets to build fresh cache files. This cache files can be wiped when your device is switched off and turned on into the Recovery Mode. Once this is wiped, restart the device and see if the screen flickering problem has been resolved.

7. Restore Factory Settings
This reset setting removes every data and all third party apps from your phone. It is therefore advised to back up all important files before you proceed to reset your device to factory settings. This function is located in the Backup and Reset menu of the device’s setting. Then tap on Factory Reset. This will reset the device. You could click on the option Backup and Reset if you want to backup your data before resetting the device. Once the process of reset complete, check to see if your device flickering issues have been rectified. If the problem is rectified then you can restore all the backed up data to your device.

However, if your phone flickering problem persists, you’ll need to take your smartphone device to the nearest Motorola Service Centre or any other Service Centre. If your phone is under warranty, the service agent could be able to replace the screen or whatever is causing the trouble

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