My Realme 2 (Pro) stopped receiving any new text message. How to fix this SMS issue?

Text messages are the oldest form of communication. The use of text messages has been reduced significantly as the social media platform took over the generations. This does not mean that the text messages are not used anymore.

Text messages are still reliable and a secure method for communication and verification between peers. The text messaging feature can work well even without an internet connection. Sometimes it happens that the messaging feature does not work properly. So to fix the issue of the text message getting failed to receive or getting failed to send, you can try the below methods.

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Steps to fix the issue of Failed Text Messages to send or receive on Realme 2 Pro

Here are the few common solutions to troubleshoot the SMS issue on your Realme 2 Pro

Method 1: Soft Reset:

Follow the below simple steps in order to sot reset your phone.

  • To soft reset, hold the power key for a while
  • Slide down the Power Off when the menu appears
  • Wait for about 5seconds
  • Now switch on the mobile by using the Power button
  • You are done!

Method 2: Clear cache of the Realme 2 Pro

If the above method does not work, Clear cache of the Realme 2 Pro. This is often recommended by the technicians as this step is very common to fix most of the issues. Follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Settings from the Home Page
  • Choose the Applications
  • Now open the application manager
  • Swipe the menu to get the list of the apps
  • Search for the Message app
  • While you open the App info, you will see the Clear Data and Clear Cache option. You may clear both the cache and the Data
  • Once done, restart your device
  • See if the problem is fixed, if not follow the next step!

Method 3: Force Stop the app

Follow the below steps.

  • Visit the settings and click on the application
  • In the application manager, swipe down and see all the applications.
  • Look for the messaging app in the list and click on the same
  • While you open the app info, you will see an option that says Force Stop. Tap on the same and restart your device.

Method 4: Factory Reset

If all the above method doesn’t work. Then our final solution is to factory reset your phone back to out of the box like the setup. To do that, follow this step.

  • Switch off your phone
  • Press the volume up button and power button simultaneously and hold the same for a while
  • Your phone will get into recovery mode in a while
  • Now navigate through the options by using the volume up and down and also the power button so as to select the option.
  • Select erase and wipe option and your phone would start with the hard factory reset process

You won’t be worrying about the text message issue henceforth if you have followed all the above steps. The above are the most effective solutions to fix your issue. If you are still facing the problem, it is the time to contact the nearest service provider and will help you to fix the problem or even with the replacement if your phone has serious issues.


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