NBA 2K19 Android Version is out- without iOS online mode

2K launched their iOS NBA 2K19 app on October 3rd, this year and along with it came the awesome online play mode which is for the first time for mobile devices. This obviously is a big user experience since the game involves competition. And, any app developer knows the importance of android devices hence, releasing an Android version is a must. And, 2K is no different.

They also have released their Android version, but looks like the online mode from iOS version is missing. Yes, some annual improvements are done, the soundtrack is new along with some gameplay modes, but technical difficulties and low graphic design have brought some gloomy clouds over the app.

The NBA 2K19 is available for $7.99 on Play Store, but still, this is not the premium version. Apart from having to pay upfront, you get many more advantage and in-app purchases that stagger over $49.99. At the moment, it’s really hard to assume what 2K have in mind, like do they intend to update the app again or not. Rest let’s see what they intend to do next.


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