Ninjala: Best Weapons to Boost Your Chances To Win

In Ninjala, there are a total of 12 weapons available for a player after their first match. This guide will help the players of Ninjala with the best weapons that can boost their chances of winning. Below are the weapons:

  • Katanas – 4
  • Hammers – 4
  • Yo-Yo – 4

In order for players to win matches, they need to know which is the best weapon to use. We’ve put together a list of the best weapons in

Ninjala is an online multiplayer fighting game that debuted last week and is currently only accessible through the Nintendo Switch platform. The game features a battle royale mode where the action is entirely based on ninja skills and unique weapons.

Ninjala: Best Weapons to Boost Your Chances To Win

Players will find that each class of weapon offers certain unique abilities that will suit player preference and strengths.

The Katana class consists of Ippon katana, scroll blade, Drill beast, and Corn bat. Suitable for melee attacks that offer good power and movement. These types of weapons are ideal for players who wish to fight quickly and deploy plenty of strikes.


The Hammer class of weapons will require using both hands as they are big boy weapons. This class consists of Iron Noise, Drumbeat, Sushi axe, and SK8 hammer. Even though it comes at the cost of movement, the hammer class weapons are good for short-range battles with its impressive power. These types of weapons are for players who can exercise patience in practicing and perfecting the timing for each attack.

The Yo-Yo class of weapons are single-handed weapons that offer greater movement speed than the other two, at the expense of damage. It consists of Scroll blade, Shinobi Spinner, Ninja yo-yo, and Mellow La mode. This group of weapons allows players to attack from a safe range and faster quick movements. These types of weapons are ideal for players who can handle the momentum and plan attacks at a safe range.

Drill Beast

Ninjala: Best Weapons to Boost Your Chances To Win

Nintendo introduced the Drill Beat Katana during the April open beta of Ninjala. From its launch, it was destined to stand out amongst the best weapons due to its impeccable speed, impact, and health balance. The Drill Best boasts an impressive speed of 100 and a staggering health balance of 300. However, it does have a drawback. The Drill Beat’s gum shoot is a little difficult to handle. The gum shoot is basically a gum grenade that fires small projectiles.

What makes the Drill Beast special is its Punishing Blade move. It transforms the weapon entirely and makes it much stronger for a brief span of time. Players can also deliver long-range swipes by hitting the Y key.

Using the Drill Beast, players can try the Here and There move that enables players to move about undetected below the ground at a fast speed before re-emerging for the attack.

With the forward attack move, players can instantly lunge ahead. Players will find this move very nifty when they need to close in on the distance between enemy opponents. Once in range, it can be followed up with other combination moves. The backward attack move will also have the players moving forward, but instead of lunging, they would be spinning around. This can be a powerful move when having to land a couple of strikes with impact.

Out of all the attacks with the Drill Beast, the sideways move is by far the most effective one. Players can bend around enemy opponents and deliver a quick jab when toggled to either side.

Yo-Yo Shinobi Spinner

Ninjala: Best Weapons to Boost Your Chances To Win

Initially, the trick ball was rumored to be the best Yo-Yo weapon in Ninjala. But ever since the Shinobi Spinner came during the full release, it has gracefully taken the over that spot. With its excellent movement speed, range of impact, and impressive ninja moves, the Shinobi spinner is one of the best weapons in Ninjala.

Players that use the Shinobi spinner Yo-Yo will immediately get access to Gum Net. The gum shoot here is much more dangerous than the others on this list as it manages to deal damage to enemy opponents who get stuck inside the bubble along with those within its vicinity.

What makes the Shinobi Spinner yo-yo special is its Yo-Yo Leap move. Using this, players can hurl the yo-yo against enemy opponents and then immediately move in to land some serious blows. If executed properly, players will be able to knock out enemy opponents and also gain some life in return.


With the forward attack move, players can throw the yo-yo to a certain distance to inflict damage. With its recoil, players can set up the next combo-attack. The backward attack move is similar to the special Yo-yo leap, as it involves launching the spinner and warping in for successive combined attacks. However, this move is a little tricky to master and will require some practice in training mode. This move is very useful for delivering damage to enemy opponents in mid-range combats.

Out of all the attacks with the Shinobi Spinner, the sideways move is the most notorious. Players can extend their range of damage with the spinner, and it can be used to attack enemy opponents who are far off.

Drum Beat

Ninjala: Best Weapons to Boost Your Chances To Win

Finishing off the list of best weapons in Ninjala is the Drum Beat Hammer. The Drum Beat Hammer is one of the weapons that is an absolute heavy hitter. It is widely accepted as an integral part of team battle matches. However, it is also a good option for a solo mode in Battle royale matches as well. The Drum Beat hammer, much like the Drill Beat Katana, has some impressive skills which make it a good option. It has a massive health balance of 360 but lacks in mobility with a speed of 90 only. The Drum Beats gum shoot is pretty straightforward and is capable of doing the job well of firing a single bubble that will hone in on enemy opponents.

Within the hammer class of weapons in Ninjala, they are broadly split between powerful weapons that offer different movement speeds. The Drum Beat hammer is the better choice in terms of power and is highly effective in disarming enemy opponents easily.

What makes the Drum Beat hammer special is its Echoing scream. Enemy opponents will find themselves stunned by it, which will provide ample room for landing some serious blows. It has a fairly decent range, which makes it very effective for close quarter combat.

The Drum Beat also has another move called the Dragon Lord. Using this player can launch a meandering dragon that will hunt down enemy opponents, grab them, and then proceed to inflict damage.

With the forward attack move, players can swing the Drum Beat hammer to inflict damage. In doing so, there is also a shock orb that spawns and hits enemy opponents. This move is more difficult to master as it does not perform as quickly as one may need it to. However, the orb is capable of stunning enemy opponents on impact, which will provide room for gathering up momentum to land some more serious shots. The backward attack move is extra special as it will have players spinning the hammer intensely. This comes in handy during short-range battles.

The sideways attack move on either side will trigger an epic soundwave that will instantly stun everything in its path for a brief range. These key abilities qualify the Drum Beat hammer as one of the best options for players looking for a heavy-hitting weapon.

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