How To Install Official Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5

If you ever wondered you can install Official Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5, then you are in the right place. Now you can install the officially released Android 7.0 Nougat firmware on Archos Alba 5 smartphone. Follow the guide below to install the official Stock ROM on Archos Alba 5 based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest Android iteration which came out last year from google as a surprise for Nexus lineup. It is the sweetest released Android OS till now in Smartphone industry.

This guide is followed by a software known as SpreadTrum Flash Tool which is simple and easy. You can just install Android Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5 using the SpreadTrum Flash Tool. Follow the steps carefully to flash the firmware on Archos Alba 5 using the guide. We have included the screenshot of the SpreadTrum Flash Tool to make it easy and sound.

Download the Full Stock ROM which we given down below. You can also update your Archos Alba 5 smartphone anytime, also you can install the Stock Firmware build to revert back to old version also. In case if you have bricked your device, then you can bring back the phone (Unbrick) using the stock firmware anytime. Also if you feel your Archos Alba 5 lag or has any issue, then flash the stock firmware from the list below and save from situation. Stock Firmware doesn’t void a warranty on your Archos Alba 5.

How To Install Official Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5

How To Install Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5

Here are below of Android 7.0 Nougat firmware Update for Archos Alba 5. To install the Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5, Please follow the guide and download the ROM and SpreadTrum Flash Tool  on your computer. This guide is for How to Install Stock ROM on Archos Alba 5 smartphone.

What Is In Android 7.0 Nougat And Its Feature?

It’s been a while since Android 7.0 Nougat has released. As we know Google Pixel is the first smartphone by Google which debuts the Android 7.0 Nougat update which comes with a unique feature called Google Assistant, an AI bot which acts and talk like a human. With Android Beta Program, Google released the Android 7.0 Nougat update for all Nexus device in the form of the developer preview. The update is pretty stable and Fair warning, though, that the developer preview isn’t free of bugs.

Android 7.0 Nougat comes with handful of features such as  App Shortcuts, Multi Window support, restart setting to power menu, Launch the camera by pressing the power button twice, Image Keyboard support, 100 Emoji added, GIF Support, Quick Reply via Notification, Notification Redesigned panel, Notifications prioritization, Enhanced Doze Mode, System UI Tuner, Customizable Quick Settings, Don Not Disturb, New Settings Panel Redesigned, Data Saver per App, seamless updates and New Emoji Support.

Advantage of Stock Firmware :

  • Flash Stock To Unbrick your Archos Alba 5
  • Flash Stock ROM to Fix the Bootloop problem
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Archos Alba 5
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on your phone
  • To fix the lag or stutter on Archos Alba 5
  • By flashing Stock ROM, you can solve software problems.
  • Revert back to stock to gain your warranty.


So before jump into the manual upgradation setup, please make sure you have a good amount juice with at least 80% Charge. If not please charge the phone. Backup your phone in case if you need it later. If you brick the device we are not responsible. Do it at your own risk. Remember this guide is to update Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5.


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How to Download Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5:

  1. Go to this Link and Sign up first : Click Here
  2. You will receive a mail for confirmation to create a password
  3. Once you do that login and come back to our site
  4. Now you can download the files below

Download Nougat Firmware For Archos Alba 5   Download SpreadTrum Flash Tool



  • Download the Factory Download/Upgrade 
  • This will work Archos Alba 5 with Only SC9832
  • Charge your phone to at least 70%
  • Back up your device just in case if you need it later
  • You need either Laptop or PC

How to Update or Downgrade the STOCK ROM on Archos Alba 5 :

  1. First of all, do all the PREREQUISITE STEPS and Now Open the Extracted Factory Download/UpgradeDownload Folder
  2. In the folder, you will find 4 files which are shown in the screenshot below How To Install Official Stock ROM On
  3. Extract the UPGRADE DOWNLOAD or FACTORY DOWNLOAD to start flashing the ROM, here i will guide on using the UPGRADEDOWNLOAD Zip file.
  4. So now, Extract the Zip file UPGRADEDOWNLOAD and Open the file .exe named UPGRADEDOWNLOADHow To Install Official Stock ROM On
  5. Now Tap on the load packet option (Check Screenshot) to load the firmware. So browse the file with extension .pac from the ROM File you downloaded How To Install Official Stock ROM On
  6. After loading .pac, Connect your Archos Alba 5 smartphone to PC/Laptop and Click thestartbutton to start upgrading. How To Install Official Stock ROM On
  7. Wait until the process completes.
  8. During the flashing, your phone will restart automatically.
  9. That’s it ! You have updated the Stock ROM on Archos Alba 5 successfully.

You have completed the steps for How to Install Nougat Firmware On Archos Alba 5. Also this is the same step to install Stock ROM on Archos Alba 5.

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