Latest OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update Integrates Google Lens

Finally, OnePlus rolls in the Google Lens for its phones with the latest OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update. The virtual visual assistant has been knocking into various Android devices for some months now. Now with the current Android P Beta 2 for the OnePlus 6 Lens is also making its way into OnePlus devices.

Google Lens is a more intelligent version of the early Google Goggles. It uses the machine learning and provides relevant information about any object on visual analysis of a text or an image on any Android device. The Lens unveiled during Google I/O 2017 Conference. After being exclusively available for Google’s own Pixel phones, now it is available on other Android devices as well. Since 2017, many new features have been integrated with the Lens.

In case you want to install Google Lens on your phone manually,then check out how to enable Google Lens on any smartphone.

After the OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update installation, when you open the App, just swipe up the arrow above the options in the bottom section. You will see the Google Lens option is now added-up with other options. Take a glance at the image below. That’s exactly how the bottom options section will look after the OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update.

OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update

If you are guessing about incoming OTA updates that will bring the Lens into your OnePlus devices, then you are quite true. In the coming days, software updates will drop the visual assistant into your phone. Alternatively, if you are eager to try out the Google Lens from your device’s camera section, then below you can find the third party download link for the OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update.

Latest OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 [APK Download]

So, what are you waiting for..? go download the OnePlus Camera v2.7.19 Update and enjoy seeing the world with Google Lens.


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