OnePlus TV Y Series OTA2 update is Now Rolling: Improves OnePlus Connect and Audio

New OTA2 Update for OnePlus TV Y Series

The low budget OnePlus TV Y Series is getting a new software update. This upgrade will make the TV more compatible with the virtual assistant Alexa. The memory and system are getting an overhaul for a smoother user experience. Installing the OTA2 update for OnePlus TV Y Series will greatly enhance the audio quality of the content as well. With the fresh software patch, the connectivity between mobile devices and the TV is now greatly enhanced as it optimizes the Oneplus Connect feature.

While the first generation OnePlus Q series comes with a huge price tag and loads of features the pocket-friendly Y series did not get anything. We know-how OnePlus always listens to its customer’s queries. So, keeping up with that improvements and features are now rolling out for the Y Series smart TV.

Still, many of the features that mid-range U series and premium Q series smart TVs of OnePlus are enjoying, the Y series is yet to get them. I believe this is just the business model of OnePlus for its smart TV segment. More features in the premium segment and lesser features in the budget segment. The gadget maker should keep these features uniform for all its smart TV as it does in its smartphone segment.

As the Oneplus routine goes, the new OTA 2 update for OnePlus TV Y Series is seeding incrementally. First, it will be available to a limited number of users. In the coming days, more users from various regions around the globe will receive the update.

These days smartphone makers are foraying into making Android TV. Android TV is different from the usual television we know of. It runs on the Android OS just like any of your regular android devices. Among many popular smartphone makers, OnePlus has also launched its Android TV called the Oneplus TV Q1 series. Currently, the Chinese tech giant is rolling out the first software update for OnePlus TV Q1 Pro. It is seeding with build number TV55Q1N_2.A.01_GLO_014_1909210202.

OnePlus TV Q1 Pro

This new update for the OnePlus Tv Q1 Pro is weighing around 813 MB. The current update fixes up the picture overexposure issue on the smart TV. It brings direct support for Bluetooth Stereo by phone. Also, it adds a new light effect on the Bluetooth stereo. This update also optimizes the performance of the DLNA music cast.

The first software update for Q1 Pro also optimizes the sound effect of a remote control button click. Now users will feel haptic feedback upon performing remote control button action.  The update aims to improve the overall user experience of the OnePlus Connect App. Besides, the software squashes some known bugs.

So, if you have ordered a OnePlus TV or at the moment use one, then you can look for the software update. If it’s available you will see the changelog and the Download button prompt. Otherwise, go to Settings > More Settings > About > System Update and then select “Check for Updates”  on your OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV will have a tough market competition with Xiaomi and Motorola. Both the latter mentioned OEMs have also launched their respective Android TVs in the market. The OnePlus TV Q1 series has two entries, regular Q1 and a bigger variant the Q1 Pro. The 55-inches 4K resolution based Q1 Pro costs INR 99,900/-. The base variant OnePlus TV Q1 costs INR 69,900/-.

So, OnePlus enthusiasts.! Watch out for the OnePlus Tv Q1 Pro software update. Install and enjoy.


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