Oppo And Xiaomi Show Smartphones With Under-Display Cameras!

Almost every smartphone company nowadays is trying to push the front bezels of the phone to as small as possible. The front speaker and other sensors can be removed or housed under the screen. But, you can’t do this with the front camera yet. So until under display cameras are made possible, many brands have come up with different solutions for placement of the selfie camera. These include notches, pop-up cameras, flip cameras, and punch hole cameras.

This trend of full-screen smartphones can be said to be started by Xiaomi from their Mi Mix smartphone. Though some phones launched earlier like the Sharp Aquos Crystal and Alcatel Hero also had a somewhat similar approach. Smartphone makers have been working hard in all these years. Due to fierce competition, they are trying to push the limits further. For example, Oppo and Xiaomi today showed smartphone prototypes with in-display cameras!


Shen Yiren Brian, Oppo’s Vice President earlier today posted a video on Weibo showing a prototype of a smartphone with an in-screen camera. After some time, he also posted that the picture quality of under display cameras is not as good as other cameras currently, but it is being improved as the project is still under Research & Development. Later the video was also shared on Twitter by Oppo’s official social media handle. Have a look at it below:


Few hours after Oppo, Xiaomi’s Vice President Mr. Lin Bin also posted a video on Weibo showing a Xiaomi smartphone with an under display camera. According to him, the phone in the video was a prototype of Xiaomi Mi 9, and the video was shot last month. This phone looks more refined and finished than the one Oppo showed. Xiaomi’s Twitter handle later also posted this video, have a look.


These two smartphones are still under R&D so don’t expect them to be released anytime soon, at least not this year. Other smartphone companies like Samsung, Meizu, LG, etc. also filed patents for under display cameras last year, so they might also come with such devices in the near future.

Source: 1 (Oppo) | 2 (Xiaomi)

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