Oppo Color OS 6 Launched; Checkout New Features And Supported Devices.

Oppo this weak unveiled the latest iteration of Color OS, which is a heavily customised Android skin that they use in their phones. The new Color OS 6 is specially designed for full-screen smartphones and uses light and elegant design that would appeal to users’ eyes.

Color OS 6 offers a flat design with white colour in almost all of its stock apps. Though, you can change it according to your preferences from the Theme Store. Oppo has also added an app drawer which users can access by swiping up from the home screen.

Color OS 6 also has AI integrated within to perform several tasks. An example of this is a new tech called “AI Cold Storage” present in the OS. This according to Oppo uses AI to freeze background apps in order to lower the power consumption. This sounds like an interesting feature as instead of killing the background apps, it just freezes them and you can continue to use the app from where you left when you switch to it again.

There are several other new features and improvements. Like, parents can take advantage of “Remote Guard” which monitors their children’s phone usage. Game Mode has been updated to version 2, which offers few notable upgrades like the Touch Boost and Frame Boost. Touch Boost increases the touch response time by up to 22 per cent. Frame Boost helps in achieving up to 40 per cent improvement in frame rates while playing games. Additional features like Dolby sound support, voice changer for in-game voice chat, etc. are also included in the new game mode


Night Mode is now available in the camera app, which helps in capturing more light in images shot in low light. The overall performance of the phone is also increased with App Boost and System Boost.

Release Date And Availability:

The Color OS 6 is already available on Realme 3, Oppo F11 and F11 Pro pre-installed. All Realme users will get the update by June this year. Reno will be one of the first Oppo phones to get the Color OS 6, as it will have it pre-installed when launched. Oppo R15 and R15 Dream Mirror Edition will get the update in April. Oppo Find X, R17 and R17 Pro will get the update in August. Lastly, the R11, R11 Plus, R11s, R11s Plus, A7x and A3 will be getting the update in September.


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