Oppo F7 Troubleshoot: Camera, Battery, Power Button, Screen, Touchscreen and More

Welcome to Oppo F7 troubleshoot guide page. If you are here, then we understand that you are facing problem on your phone. We are at GetDroidtips like to give you official assistant to fix your phone issues. Here we will post all the solutions to the problem you are facing. If you don’t find the post for the problem that you encounter on your phone, then you can leave a  comment below, we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can check our guide: Oppo F7 Common Problems and Solutions.

If you have bought the Oppo F7 device, then we can assure that this post “Oppo F7 Troubleshoot” will be helpful you since there’s no guarantee everything will smooth when we are using the smartphone for a more extended period.

Oppo F7 is the latest F series device which brings the iPhone X like a notch on the top. If you have bought this beautiful device and facing any severe hardware issue, then don’t get panic. We understand that this kind of problem is common in some smartphone. Because out of 1000 smartphone, you may be the one to get a defective product. In this case, you have to contact the service centre and return your Oppo F7. But when your Oppo F7 is out of warranty period, and then you face any of the issues, then try our below solution to fix the Oppo F7 Hardware issues.

Oppo F7 Troubleshoot Guide: Camera, Battery, Power Button, Screen, Touchscreen and More

Oppo F7 Technical Details

Before moving further, Let me brief the details about the Oppo F7.

Oppo F7 Dimensions/Weight

Height 156 mm
75.3 mm
7.8 mm
Weight 158g

Display Technology

Display Size 6.23 inches
Display Type LTPS IPS LCD
Screen resolution 2280 by 1080
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Oppo F7 Hardware Details

Android 8.1 Oreo – ColorOS 5.0
ARM Mali-G72 MP3 800MHz
4GB/ 6GB
Internal Storage 64GB/ 128GB
Battery 3400mAh
Processor Octa-core MediaTek MTK P60 2.0GHZ

Oppo F7 Camera

Primary Camera 16MP
Fron Camera 25
LED Flash
Aperture Rear: f/1.8
Front: f/2.0

Oppo F7 Connectivity

SIM Dual Nano-SIM Cards
Bluetooth 4.2
2.4/5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Sensors Magnetic Induction
Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor
G-sensor/Acceleration Sensor

Oppo F7 Troubleshoot Guide and Solution:

If you have bought the new Oppo F7 device, and facing issue with Camera, battery, touchscreen, power button or any issue, then please read the instructions:

Oppo F7 Charging Problem:

It is common nowadays that some smartphone stuck with charging problem. Here in this article, we are trying to solve the issues that may cause the OPPO F7 device stopped charging suddenly. Don’t panic! Here we will try to see if we can resolve the problem yourself before meeting a service expert. In most cases, this can be software, charger or even battery issue.

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OPPO F7 device stopped charging suddenly. How to fix it?


I hope this guide was helpful to resolve the Oppo F7 Charging problem. If not, we request you to consult a service expert from Oppo as soon as possible to fix the Oppo F7 charging issue.

Oppo F7 Power Button issue:

The power button is the obvious parts of a smartphone that is used a lot of times than other feature. This is because to use any functions you will have to activate the screen. If you are one among the Oppo F7 users who encounter problems with the power button, then we got you covered in this topic.

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Oppo F7 Power Button Is Not Working. A Quick Guide To Fix The Power Button.


If the above guide could fix the Oppo F7 power button, then you can leave a comment. If it doesn’t then, we can conclude it is a hardware issue for which you may have to contact a service centre.

Oppo F7 Sound Problem:

Sound play an important role in any smartphone. From playing music to ringtone and notification, the sound is very much important. Sometime we may end up in a situation where our phone may ring silently, and we may end up losing an important meeting call. Usually, sound problems are common in smartphones. There are multiple reasons for sound problems. If the problem associated with software or firmware in the smartphone then it can be fixed easily by yourself. Here we will try to troubleshoot the Oppo F7 Sound Problem.

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How To Quickly Fix Sound Problems In OPPO Smartphones?


Still not able to fix, then the problem may be related to the hardware. So you should take it to a professional for fixing it.

Oppo F7 Camera related problem:

Oppo is a popular smartphone and F series is one of the top leading smartphones for selfie lovers. Now, being unable to use the Oppo F7 camera or facing a problem with the camera can be very disappointing. Here’s a guide to fix the Oppo F7 camera related problems.

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A Guide To Fix Camera Related Problems On An OPPO Phone


A majority of the problems are likely to be fixed with these. However, if you continue to face the problem, it might be a hardware issue. It is advisable that you meet an authorised technician to fix the Oppo F7 camera.

Oppo F7 Water Damage:

Have you ever end up in dropping your OPPO F7 into the water? Have you ever got your OPPO F7 Smartphone got damaged with water? Are you confused about how to fix your OPPO F7 water damaged smartphone? You are in the right place as we are here to provide you with some valuable tips which will serve as a quick guide to fix your OPPO F7 water damaged smartphone.

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A Quick Guide to Fix OPPO water damaged smartphone.


I hope you could fix the water damaged Oppo F7. If you are still facing problem, then better contact a service expert to assist you further.

Oppo F7 Restarting And Freezing Problem:

It’s not a good experience to get stopped when you use your phone. Freezing issue of a phone is irritating and frustrating one. So if you are an OPPO F7 smartphone user, don’t worry, we are here to identify the problem with your phone, and we will guide you to repair the phone by yourself.

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How To Fix OPPO Restarting And Freezing Problem?


Hope you got a clear cut idea about the troubleshooting tips for the Oppo F7 freezing and restarting issue.

OPPO F7 Getting too Hot Quickly!

We already covered the solutions to fix the Oppo F7 Overheating issue. If the problem still there, then make sure to check our another guide to fix the overheating problem on Oppo F7 or any Oppo device.

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Quickly Getting Hot! How To Fix OPPO Overheating Problem?


I hope this guide was helpful to discover the Oppo F7 Overheating issue. If your phone still not fixed, then we recommend to consult an Oppo service executive better.

OPPO F7 Battery Draining Issue

Battery draining is nowadays becoming a common issue on the Android phones including OPPO F7 Smartphone. This guide might be helpful for those who want to fix the battery draining issue of OPPO F7 Smartphone.

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Methods To Fix OPPO Smartphones Battery Draining Too Quickly.


These are some of the methods to fix the OPPO F7 Battery Draining problem. If you have any other issues with the battery, feel free to ask via a comment on our page.

Oppo F7 Touch Screen Problem:

If your Oppo F7 touchscreen is not working, totally becomes unresponsive or encountering different types of problems. Here in the below link, we will cover all the solutions to fix the touchscreen problem on Oppo F7.

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Methods to fix OPPO Smartphone touchscreen not working issue.


The above solutions might be helpful for you to fix the OPPO F7 Smartphone touchscreen not working issue. If you have further doubts, feel free to ask us via a comment on our page.


  1. Hello Abd Razaaq, IAM having query regarding unlocking screen when I off the power button phone is getting off but when I open it unlocking immediately without asking passcode even if the user is not me. To ask password Ishould on the power button and then I have to touch lock button then after it is asking passcode, can u resolve this issue that should unlock nly with password or facial unlock

  2. Hi,
    I want to know that how i can activate double tap for quick lock in my oppo F7..
    I have seen videos but there is no guideline regarding this..

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