Oppo R11s Goes on Sale At $451 and $481 Price Options

The beginning of this year could be considered as a time when almost all smartphone makers were thinking of a dual-camera to put on their flagships. The end of 2017 is more known for another trend, the full-screen technology. Inspired by the appearance and success of the first- and second-gen Xiaomi Mi MIX phones many companies have already launched their own flagships. Those who didn’t manage to come in with a corresponding handset have prepared their models for the Double Eleven festival. This is the China largest online shopping day. So it’s quite reasonable to see many new smartphones or improved models these days. Like many other companies, Oppo has enhanced its current flagship and released the Oppo R11s sporting a full-screen a few days back. But it’s gone on sale only today at a price tag of 2999 yuan ($451). However, there are three color options you can choose from – black, champagne, and red. The former two models are available for the mentioned price tag, while the red version costs a bit higher, 3199 yuan ($481).

Oppo R11s red

This is the worthy successor of the fifth bestselling smartphone in the Q3 around the globe. The company has shipped over 7.2 million units. This phone has been released in June. So the manufacturer needed a fresh unit to boost the sale and finish the year in the second position after Huawei. There couldn’t be anything better than the full-screen variant of its current flagship. So, there is every chance to implement what’s been thought.

As for the Oppo R11s features, it sports a 6-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels. Thus its screen ratio is 18:9, which is common for full-screen handsets. Thanks to such a technology the phone dimensions have been remained the same, while the viewing experience has been improved a lot. Apart from this, the Oppo R11s sports the latest addition to Qualcomm’s 6-series line, the Snapdragon 660. It’s considered to be the best option made for the super mid-range market. The chip is equipped with a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. The battery capacity is 3250mAh, which is an acceptable option if taking into account the screen size and resolution.

This company has benefited a lot when released the Oppo R9 and its successor, the R9s last year. Thanks to them the company could enter the European and US markets and sip about 100 million units. Both models were known for their iPhone-like design, stable performance, and great camera capabilities. The Oppo R11s has inherited this feature and provides incredible shooting performance via a 16+20MP camera on the back. There is also a 16MP secondary camera for selfies.

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