Oppo Reno gets Android 10 update with ColorOS 7

Oppo Reno smartphone was launched in April 2019 along with a FullView no notch display. It offers upper mid-range specs with Android 9.0 Pie, better cameras, and a shark-fin style pop-up selfie camera. Currently, the Oppo Reno Android 10 Q early beta rolling out to beta testers with ColorOS 6. Google has recently released the Android 10 officially as the 10th iteration of Android OS. It offers so many new features and other system improvements than its predecessor Android 9 Pie. Now, in October 2019 Oppo Reno gets Android 10 beta with ColorOS 6 update.

Latest Update:

Updated on April 09, 2020: Oppo’s ColorOS 7 is the latest skin based on Android 10 for its eligible Oppo devices and the Oppo Reno series is one of them. The ColorOS 7 offers all the Android 10 goodies along with plenty of system and element improvements. It also includes a couple of exclusive features that can be found on Oppo devices only. Now, talking about the firmware update, Oppo has released the official stable ColorOS 7 update over Android 10 for its Reno, Reno 10x Zoom, and Ace series devices.

To recall, the Android 10 beta program was started back in October 2019 for the Oppo Reno lineup devices in China and the device has recently received the March 2020 patch update. Currently, as the ColorOS 7 stable OTA update is waving its way in a phased manner, it will take some time to arrive on all the units completely. Those who’re interested in receiving this update, make sure to upgrade their devices to the software version C.08 at first.

While the Reno 10x Zoom and Reno Barcelona Edition models should run on the software version C.20 respectively in order to receive the OTA update. If in case, you’re not getting the OTA update notification on your device, then check the update manually via Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Now, check out the changelog below.

Changelog: Oppo Reno & 10x Zoom ColorOS 7


  • New borderless design, new upgrade, more shocking visual, more efficient operation, more natural experience
  • Added OPPO Sans default font, overall concise and elegant, full of technological beauty


  • Added Breeno instructions, allowing you to complete daily tasks faster with fewer steps, and create personalized shortcut instructions
  • Add Breeno voice, photo search function, voice search based on photo time, location, people, etc.
  • Added Breeno voice, camera wake-up, voice switchable camera mode
  • Added Breeno voice, open and close dark mode, query steps, open Breeno screen and other voice commands
  • New Breeno suggestion, low battery reminder, automatically detect nearby charging treasure merchants when low battery
  • Add Breeno sleep mode, enter dark mode at night, and turn on do not disturb
  • New Breeno screen, meeting schedule information recognition, can add schedule with one click
  • Optimized Breeno scan, independent code scanning and object recognition, easy to evoke
  • New Breeno driving, can quickly open the phone, music, WeChat and a recently used application
  • New Breeno quick view, news information module

“Smart Sidebar”

  • Optimize visual interaction and enhance one-handed operation experience
  • Optimized the smart sidebar, replaced the file desk with file management, and removed three quick tools: Breeno voice, super clear visual effects, and notifications
  • New shortcut tool for notes
  • Added support for drag and drop applications to achieve fast split screen
  • Added “buoy transparency” and “buoy full screen hide” setting items
  • Optimize the range of floating window mode, more applications support the opening of floating window
  • Added floating window bubble function, support rapid expansion/folding floating window


  • Optimized three-finger screenshot, long press and slide with three fingers to select screenshot area; long press and slide to drag out the screen to quickly take a long screenshot
  • New screenshot setting, you can adjust the position of preview floating window, set prompt sound, etc.
  • Optimize screenshot preview floating window, pull down to share, pull up floating window for long screenshot

“Navigation Gesture 3.0”

  • Added swipe inward from both sides of the screen and stay to switch to the previous application
  • Optimize all gestures to support landscape scenes


  • Added flashback button, support desktop display of important information of navigation, taxi, game, one key to quickly return to the application
  • Add dark color mode, power-saving, and eye protection
  • Added focus mode to help shield the outside world from interruptions when working or studying
  • Added new charging animation style
  • Optimized control center interaction, more friendly one-handed operation experience
  • Added screen recording pause function
  • Added screen recording floating window and recording settings
  • Added 360 cleanup engine
  • Added global theme, the theme adds more playability
  • Added global delete sound effect, calculator button sound, compass pointing sound feedback
  • Optimize the built-in ringtone resources
  • Added barrier-free TalkBack suspension prompt
  • Add barrier-free color mode to improve the experience of visually impaired users
  • Added the latest task management page, including memory information switch and application lock management for recent task display


  • Optimize visual interaction in game space
  • Optimize the startup animation of the game space
  • Optimize the interaction and outgoing mode of game assistants, and add game console connection entrance


  • Added new interactive live wallpaper
  • Add Art + Static Wallpaper
  • Add a new desktop sliding setting item, you can customize to open the global search or notification center
  • New desktop icon customization, you can customize the icon size, shape, style
  • Optimize the unlocking process, switch to unlock mode
  • Optimized password unlock visual, more convenient to unlock with one hand
  • Added lock screen support for live wallpapers
  • Optimize the style of the breath screen clock, more personalized choices
  • New desktop simple mode, larger font icons, more concise and clear


  • Add password book function, automatically fill in the password, realize one-key login
  • Added the use time of the remote guard application, you can view the application status of the bound mobile phone in the past 7 days
  • New remote guardian deactivation period, you can set the deactivation period of the bound mobile phone
  • Add a new remote guard application to set a time limit, you can set the duration of binding mobile application, limit the number of games in some games
  • Added one-key navigation of remote guard, one-key navigation to the location of the bound mobile phone
  • Added SOS emergency contact smart customer service for help. When the emergency contact does not answer the call, the smart customer service will help continue to call the emergency contact
  • Add a random MAC address to connect to WiFi, block targeted advertising, protect privacy, and make information more secure
  • Added icon prompt in the status bar when using sensitive permissions, you can view the details of the specific called application, to prevent personal privacy disclosure
  • Add permission usage record, you can view the history of application calling permissions


  • Added the palace mode for sticky notes
  • Newly added background settings for notes, providing 6 colors and 4 skin backgrounds
  • New reminder function for note time, can set reminder time for memo items
  • Added the function of deleting and retrieving sticky notes. The deleted sticky notes will be kept in the recently deleted folder for 30 days.
  • Add calculator small window mode, support quick start through control center and smart sidebar
  • New recording cutting function, which can cut the existing recording to obtain important clips
  • Newly added calendar supports custom setting schedule repetition period
  • Added alarm clock dynamic weather ringtone, matching different ringtones according to the weather of the day
  • New weather animation effect, showing different motion effects according to different weather
  • New file management Add OPPO cloud disk entry, can access OPPO cloud content


  • Optimize camera interaction and enhance operating experience
  • Optimized photo countdown interaction and prompt sound


  • Optimize the interaction of album atlas, the level is clearer, and it is more convenient to find pictures
  • New album recommendation, support more than 80 types of scene recognition


  • Added OPPO intercommunication to support intercommunication with Vivo and Xiaomi devices
  • Optimize the phone book vision to bring a more concise and efficient experience
  • Add a quick setting page for unfamiliar number calls, add a contact with one key, add a mark or join a blacklist



  • Add a deactivation period, customize the deactivation period, effectively manage the time of mobile phone use
  • New application setting time limit, you can set the duration of the application, limit the number of games in some games, to prevent apps and games from indulging
  • Optimized setting search function, support fuzzy search and search record display


  • Add Soloop to record, understand your video intelligent creation tool
  • Add health, monitor sports health data, provide health services

Updated on October 3, 2019: Now, Oppo has released the official public beta update for the Reno model (standard version). The software update is based on Android 10 OS. Whereas, the Oppo Reno 10x Zoom variant will start receiving the Android 10 based ColorOS 6 update in late October 2019 reportedly. Currently, the public beta update is available in the China region only.

It brings the software version PCAM00_11_W.02_Beta with some of the Android 10 features like system-wide dark mode, live caption, smart reply, new themes & sounds, etc. However, more features will be added very soon with future updates. The current Android 10 beta update is based on ColorOS 6. However, there is no confirmation whether the final stable Android 10 will come with ColorOS 6 or higher. We will keep updating about Oppo Reno Android 10 update here.

Oppo has recently announced that the Reno opens Android 10 for ColorOS 6 early adopters. Oppo Reno Full Netcom Edition (PCAM00) Android Q early beta testing is now open. So, if you’re using the Oppo Reno (China variant) and want to experience the early Android 10 Beta build, then follow the guide.

The ColorOS 6 was announced for the Android 9 Pie and now it seems that Android 10 will also run on ColorOS 6 most probably for the Oppo devices. The new beta software offers dark mode, cross-band file transfer support, bootloader unlocking option as well. Meanwhile, there is big news for the Oppo fans that Google Developers has introduced Google CameraX support for the selected Oppo devices. For now, only the Chinese edition of the Oppo Reno (PCAM00) model is eligible to receive the Android 10 beta. Those who’re on the stable Pie version on PCAM00_11.A.17/18 firmware must have installed PCAM00ROM_11_W.10 build in order to proceed to the beta testing.

Oppo Reno Android 10 Q is live for early beta testers with ColorOS 6, Dark Mode and many more

Oppo Reno Android 10 Q Internal Test Registration Notice

  1. Update all apps in your phone to the latest version in the Oppo software store before upgrading to the Q beta. Since some third-party apps are not compatible with Android 10 right now.
  2. The dark mode feature in some of the applications is under progress and may not work properly. It will fix soon by the future updates from Oppo.
  3. The Android Q Beta version focusing on system functional process and stability issues. As this is under the development process, there are some of the bugs may arrive. You can report the bugs by submitting feedback to the ColorOS community.
  4. Make sure to take a complete backup of your device before upgrading.

Android 10 Early Beta for Oppo Reno: Changelog

  • Display and Brightness
    • Add a dark mode, immersive dark visual effects, giving you a more focused and comfortable experience
    • New screen clocks support more personalized options, and interest screens are also available
  • Scenario mode
    • Adds focus mode, temporarily off the phone, more focused work, better enjoy life, fast switching in the control center scene mode
  • System
    • Add new and simple humanistic sound, comfortable and softer and more natural
    • New system animations are newly upgraded, and the animation effect is more rich and delicate.
    • New upgraded charging animation, more dynamic animation
    • Added two-sided swipe gestures at the bottom left and right to support fast switching recent apps
    • Add recent tasks to support clicking back to the desktop to return to the desktop
    • New smart sidebar new upgrade, more beautiful interface and faster operation
  • Mobile Screen
    • Newly increased screen interaction changed its name to mobile screen casting, new instructions for use, and easy to master function points
  • Safety
    • Added SOS emergency contact intelligent customer service for help, more peace of mind throughout the day
    • Add a new shutdown screen to add an emergency call button to protect your security at a critical moment
    • Add a password to save the application account and password information, not to worry about forgetting the password
  • Notification Bar
    • Adds intelligent notification management to intelligently identify notification importance, unimportant notification folding display
    • Adds status bar icon to hide silent notifications
    • Optimized control center new upgrade, quick switch and one-hand operation is more convenient
  • Game Space
    • New game space new startup animation and interface visual effects, the animation is more dynamic, the interface is cooler
  • Screen Recording
    • Added screen recording shortcut setting button for quicker settings and more intuitive operation
    • Added screen recording support to pause recording
  • Screenshot
    • Adds screen capture to support the original image after custom editing
    • Added screenshot sound switch
    • Optimize the new screen capture interaction mode, pull down the floating window and quickly share the screen, pull up the floating window and quickly take a long screen
  • Scratch
    • Add a reminder that important to-do items are not forgotten
    • Added checkbox display, more beautiful layout and easier operation
    • A personalized background theme added for notes, making your notes unique and making sharing unique
    • Adds recently deleted, accidentally deleted notes to get back faster
  • Calculator
    • Added calculator floating window mode, the floating window transparency can be adjusted, the calculation interface is free to switch, and the calculation is faster and more convenient.
  • File Management
    • Added a list of recent files, making it easier to find new files on your phone
  • Weather
    • Add a new weather animation to make the information more intuitive and enjoy the new experience
  • Calendar
    • Adds calendar support to jump to a specified date, making it easier to find a schedule
  • Recording
    • Adds recording cropping, recording and cutting faster
  • Desktop
    • Adds simple desktop mode with larger desktop icons and simpler desktop layout
    • New live wallpaper support is set as lock screen wallpaper, and the lock screen interface is more vivid
    • New desktop slide support custom selection global search or notification center
  • Cloud Service
    • Adds cloud disk function, the cloud supports storing various files, and important data is carried around.
    • Optimize cloud service upgrades to HeyTap cloud services
  • Health
    • Add a health app, work smart with you, and meet yourself better
  • Breeno
    • Add Breeno Quick News > News Portal, easy to know with lots of fresh information
    • Added Breeno voice support voice search album image
    • Breeno instructions added, the “little assistant” in your life, intelligently recognize your instructions and execute them automatically, reducing repetitive operations and being more intimate
    • Optimized Breeno speed display interface for lighter weight
  • Communication
    • Add a new call note, making it easier to keep important notes on the call
    • A random MAC address added to connect to WiFi, blocking targeted advertising, and making private information more secure
    • Add a strange number call shortcut setting, create a new contact, add a tag or add a blacklist
    • New contacts support last name avatar display
    • Optimize the phone book interface for a more streamlined and efficient experience
    • Optimize SIM card and traffic management for better communication management
  • Camera
    • New camera interaction new upgrade, more intuitive operation, quicker common function settings
    • Optimize the co-ordinate countdown display position adjustment to avoid obscuring the face and capturing every moment
  • ‘My Oppo’
    • Optimize my Oppo upgrade to my HeyTap

How to Apply for Beta Testing

  • In order to apply for the beta testing, go to Oppo Reno device Settings > Software Update > tap on the upper right icon > tap on Upgrade early adopters.
  • Please ensure that your phone version is PCAM00_11.A.18 or PCAM00_11.A.17 before upgrading to the official version.
  • If your system is running on a beta version, please ensure that the device should have: PCAM00ROM_11_W.10 version.

Steps to Submit Bugs

  • In order to report any bugs or system issues, go to the ColorOS community > click on Submit Feedback in the My Feedback section.

Downgrade Notice:

  • The early adopter version is downgraded back to the official version. The downgrading process will clear your phone data, so be sure to back up your phone data before downgrading.
  • Downgrades need to go to the Oppo Customer Service Center for line brush downgrading. If you downgrade yourself, it will easily brick your phone. Don’t downgrade yourself.

Source: ColorOS Blog | 1 | 2

Stay tuned for more info.



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