How to Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5 (rosy)

Here we will guide to install the Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5 (rosy). The guide is simple and easy to follow.

It looks like that you are someone who has the Xiaomi’s Redmi 5 (rosy). Now, you might want to install or flash the Orange Fox Recovery Project which is a Custom Recovery Project like TWRP and CWM. As we all know, since the release of Google’s Project Treble, we are all excited. Project Treble is perhaps the most significant low-level change to the Android Framework in years. And now, the Android Operating System can be updated without having to touch the vendor implementation.

The Orange Fox is one of the latest contributions by a team of developers to a recovery project which is developed to support the Treble and non-Treble ROMs. This Custom Recovery is based on the most popular Recovery Project, the TWRP or TeamWin Recovery Project. So today, in this post, we would be covering on How to Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5 (rosy). Now if that sounds interesting, let’s top into it. Should we?

How to Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5 (rosy)

What is the Orange Fox Recovery Project?

The Orange Fox Recovery Project is a project for Custom Recovery for Android Devices. This Recovery is based on the source code of the TeamWin Recovery Project or TWRP. The main aim behind this Recovery Project was to provide a stable recovery with a lot of features. The Recovery supports both the Treble and non-Treble ROMs and Built-in support for installing init.d functionality, Magisk, and SuperSU.

So let us now take a look at some of the most important features of Orange Fox Recovery Project.


Features of Orange Fox Recovery Project

  • Orange Fox Recovery supports Treble and non-Treble ROMs.
  • It is based upon up-to-date kernel built from sources.
  • Increased compatibility with TWRP.
  • Updated with latest official TWRP commits.
  • Built-in support for installing init.d functionality.
  • Comes with built-in support for installing Magisk.
  • Built-in support for installing SuperSU (v2.82-201705271822 – non-Treble ROMs only).
  • Has AromaFM
  • White Flashlight
  • Password, torch, led
  • Support for Miui and Custom ROMs
  • Better language support
  • Optimized versions of community scripts
  • Fox theme engine:
    • choice of theme (black, dark, etc)
    • another choice of color scheme
    • another choice of splash screen
  • Alternative lock screen
  • Bug fixes
  • And many more!

So those were some of the Features of Orange Fox Recovery Project. Now, let us take a look at How to Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5, should we?

Please remember that recovery with password protection isn’t still a full protection for your phone. Orange Fox can only prevent unauthorized access to your device from recovery. But your device can be still reinstalled using fastboot.

Steps to Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5

In order to Install the Orange Fox Recovery Project, you need TWRP Recovery on your Xiaomi Redmi 5. So let’s guide straight on the process of installation.


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GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any internal/external damages to the device that may happen while/after following this guide.



Installation Process:

  • First of all, make sure that you download and move the Orange Fox Recovery to your device’s internal storage.
  • If you have already installed TWRP Recovery, boot into TWRP recovery on your device.
  • Once you have booted into TWRP, you need to tap on the Install button.

  • Now tap on the Install Image option and browse for the Orange Fox Recovery file you just downloaded on your Xiaomi Redmi 5.
  • Once you have found, now tap on the file and simply swipe to confirm the flash.
  • Wait till it installs the Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Install Orange Fox Recovery Project on Redmi 5. We hope that you found this guide helpful. Just in case, if you have stuck somewhere between the steps or have any questions related to the topic, then feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.


Source: XDA || Credits to xDoge

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