How to Parry and Block in Ninjala

You must have heard the adage that the best form of defense is a good attack. In Ninjala, you will need to stay alive to win the game. If you’re looking to achieve a win in the game of Ninjala, then you will need to block some attacks and know how best to parry. As these are two of the most fundamental mechanics of the game, this is something that you must master at heart.

Whether you are playing in the team battle mode or enjoying the single battle royale, knowing how to deal with attacks will significantly improve your game. And this is why this article is put together, to make you better at Ninjala and give you better options to win more than you lose. So without any further ado, let’s look at how to block and parry in Ninjala.

How to Block in Ninjala

Let’s start with blocking, as it looks a bit simpler and easy to understand than parry. The goal and mission in Ninjala are to bring down as many people as possible within your time limit. Hence, this is why it is vital that you stay alive, and to achieve this, you will have to block some offensives and choose the best moves when you parry. To block attacks successfully in Ninjala you will need first to check which control can perform the block option on your gum guard.

The Y and ZL are best for blocking. Once you confirm the command, you only need to press the key, and then you can block attacks immediately. An important point to note is that blocking makes use of your S-energy. So you can’t prevent attacks when you are down on S-energy. Just before you hit your block control, ensure you keep an eye on your S-energy level. Attacks such as the break attacks can easily break through your block and this will leave you vulnerable. It simply means you are not entirely safe using the block control so use it when it is best to do so.

How to parry in Ninjala

Parry in Ninjala happens when you and your opponent choose the same form of attack. When this happens, it will result in a type of rock-paper-scissors fight or tug of war. In such a situation, the element Parry allows you to break away from the tug, by taking advantage of a directional move. In cases like these, there two outcomes; you either break away unhurt or you break away sustaining an attack from your opponent. There are three ways to achieve parry, and each move comes with its risk. These moves let you go sideways, go up or choose to go down. Here is how it works:

  • Going sideways beat up, but loses to down
  • Up beats down, but loses to sideways
  • Down beats sideways but loses to up

How to Parry and Block in Ninjala


Before choosing the direction you need to go, it is vital that you calculate which move is safe for you. If in an instance where you and your opponent still chose the same direction, the prompt will keep continuing until you head in different directions. An important point to note is not to spam the direction you want to go by hitting the cursor over and over again. Because such actions will tip your opponent and leave you exposed to attack.

Coming to the bottom, knowing how to parry and block attacks is one of the safest ways to stay in the game and stand a chance to win. Attacking at all times is not the way to win against other players, rather learning to block attacks is one significant improvement to your game. With that, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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