Pixel 4 users report green screen and faulty OIS issues

It’s always a bummer when a smartphone from a reputed OEM creates a lot of hype but soon after its release we get reports of hardware issues on the device. Shocking as it may sound, there is a report of Pixel 4 display going green and ending up dead. What’s interesting is the user says that the phone was put to use for 1 hour only. Out of nowhere, the display turned green. Even after trying multiple times to restart, the Pixel 4 green screen issue was persistent.

Pixel 4 green screen issue

On a positive note, Google has reportedly replaced the faulty Pixel 4 unit. So, we can say it may be a singular case of a user, facing the green screen issue on Pixel 4.  Then again the device is yet to be available in other regions. So, instead of ruling out possibilities, we are keeping an eye out for any such reports of the display going green.

This is not the end of the story. The elder sibling of the 4th generation Google phones, the Pixel 4 XL is facing OIS malfunctioning which is causing a highly unstabilized image. Again it looks like an isolated case that may link to some hardware problem. If it’s a hardware related issue, maybe Google should replace the unit. If it’s something caused due to software, then an update should fix the issue.

This is not the first problem with the Google device’s display. Back when Pixel 2 and 2 XL released, they had issues like OLED screen burn, washed-out less vibrant sRGB color. Mind you these were not singular incidents. A majority of users reported these issues.

In a market, where competition is high and Google being a top OEM, it should be more careful with its products. If it’s a singular case then it’s fine, but we hope that Pixel 4 will not take the course of Pixel 2/2XL with display and other issues.

Do you own a Pixel 4/4XL.? Have you noticed anything peculiar yet on your phone.? What’s your take on this Pixel 4 green screen issue.? Share your views with us in the comment section below. Stay tuned with GetDroidTips for all updates on the Google Pixel 4.


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