Predator Hunting Grounds Patch 1.06 Update: What’s New and Bug fixes

Just recently, the new patch update for Predator: Hunting Grounds was out and live. The new Patch 1.06 update is 360 MB in size, packing many major bug fixes and new changes to the game. This update is now live and rolling out on PlayStation 4 and PC. Ever since the release of the game, it is obvious that players were doomed with bugs and errors. With the new update, all the frustrated players can relax as this will be one heck of a change!

If you’re already a hardcore fan of Predator: Hunting Grounds, then you may be desperate to find out what all the new changes are, and how the developers improved the game with the latest patch. So in this article today, we’ll take a quick tour through the major bug fixes and changes that come along with the update. Without any further ado, let’s see what’s new and bug fixes in Predator Hunting Grounds Patch 1.06.

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch 1.06 Update: What's New and Bug fixes

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch 1.06: What’s New and Bug fixes

Starting off with the bugs of the game, Predator Hunting Grounds reportedly had issues with its maps, Fireteam, Predator, audio, and matchmaking. With the release of Patch 1.06 update, players will see drastic improvements in these aspects of the game. The bug fixes will be the issues concerning the new item notifications, the defense timer missions displaying incorrect countdown timer, the bug in leaves of trees that block bullets and projectiles, issues where players were awarded the map collectibles incorrectly, the stuck screen bug on collectible interacts, issues preventing players to switch empty weapons from the weapon locker, and incorrect weapon swap widget on crates. Moving on, we’ll list down all the new major changes the developers bring in with the new update:

  • The Veritanium you receive from duplicate item when opening field lockers in the game is reduced
  • The AI Pathing of the game is improved
  • The boar health and run speed has been decreased
  • Stability of the game’s loading screen and the gameplay is now improved
  • Players that are inactive for 2 minutes will be now automatically removed out from matches
  • The PC friends list will now only show the active friends that are currently in the game
  • The number of Medical Stations and Ammo Crates in each map is now reduced
  • The amount of AI spawning is now reduced
  • On a few missions, the defense timer countdown is reduced
  • The Destructible Branches now have increased health.


Summing up our guide, the new Patch 1.06 update for Predator: Hunting Grounds comprising 360 MB of size does bring along a huge amount of changes to the game. From bug fixes to insane new changes, the developers are investing their full potential into making the game a huge and better success. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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