Predator Hunting Grounds: Best Predator Builds Guide

Predator: Hunting Grounds permits you to play as both the Predator or the people as Fireteams. While playing as the Fireteams, you have a decent choice of weapons, rigging, and advantages to browsing. In the event that you not certain which ones to utilize or basically need to pick a firm that is focused at a specific battle component, we have curated this Predator: Hunting Grounds Best Fireteam Builds Guide for you in which you can look at the best forms and become a definitive Fireteam player in the game.

Attack – Class appropriate for players who need an even trooper in all angles. It accompanies great wellbeing, adjusted endurance, and development speed alongside great rigging choices. It additionally has a novel reward of better exactness and sped up.

Recon – Class appropriate for players who lean toward extended battle and offer help to their group by spotting adversaries and furthermore following foes and the Predator. This comes to the most noteworthy development speed among all classes anyway needs well being and apparatus support. Endurance is additionally somewhat more prominent than the greater part of the classes. It accompanies exceptional rewards of expanded Spot Duration and stays mudded for more.

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Scout – Scout is a class that is most appropriate for players who need to be speedy and agile on their feet. Be that as it may, this accompanies the shortcoming of very low well being and apparatus support. Scout likewise includes the most elevated speed of exchanging weapons and has reward auxiliary weapon harm. This class is most appropriate for an attempt at manslaughter situations since it can’t withstand frontal showdowns for long.

Backing – The Support class is the heaviest class of all, so that likewise makes it the slowest class of all. Be that as it may, it compensates for the sluggish development speed and low endurance with enormous measures of wellbeing and Gear support. Bolster class additionally accompanies the most protection from dangerous harm and higher ammunition saves than some other class. Typically, Support classes are planned for helping other people in a fight anyway in Predator: Hunting Grounds, the Support class is basically the Tank class of some other game.


We should dive profoundly into the best forms of these classes now.

Attack – Lion Build

Essential Weapon

The essential weapon for this assemble is clearly an Assault rifle. There are diverse Assault Rifles to look over in the game; however, for this assemble, we are going with the AR-W. It hits extremely hard and immediately compensates for a little more slow pace of discharge when contrasted with other Assault Rifles in the game. Its precision is additionally truly better than average when you keep its Mobility, Range, and Damage as a main priority. When you open GOSL-R, you can change to that to make this construct increasingly compelling. The AR-W is the AK-47 of this game, while the GOSL-R is the SCAR-L of this game. The two weapons work extremely extraordinarily for this fabricate so you can utilize both of them for this construct.

Auxiliary Weapon

The auxiliary weapon of decision for this construct is clearly a shotgun since we need to be prepared for both long-range and short-go battle. The shotgun we will pick is the DJL-33. In spite of the fact that it isn’t as exact or quick shooting as the remainder of the shotguns in the game, it packs the most punch and can bring anything to an abrupt halt on the off chance that it shows up in its range. It is extremely powerful against the Predator also so you should change in accordance with its moderate discharging rate and low exactness to guarantee that you shoot not many conclusive shots.


The rigging for your Assault class will be Field Syrette, Frag Grenade, and Ammo Bag. The Field Syrettes guarantee that you remain in the fight for more while the Ammo Bag will guarantee that your weapons discharge for more. The Frag Grenades will assist you with taking out the troublesome AI foes taking cover behind spread or take out different adversaries in the event that they are grouped together.

Recon – Eagle Build

It is about your bird eyes and utilizing them for spotting and following your adversaries. Recon likewise exceeds expectations at ran battle, so our weapons and apparatus will spin around things that favor extended battle. This manufacture is particularly for since quite a while ago ran weaponry that will assist you with disposing of adversaries at a long-range.

Essential Weapon

Your essential weapon for this assembles certainly a Sniper Rifle. The best decision for this construct is, obviously, the fatal 7EN, which includes high harm yield, most extreme range, and the deadliest exactness in the game.

Optional Weapon

For your Secondary Weapon for this construct, you will utilize the moderate, however, ground-breaking 2XL pistol. 2Xl highlights the most range and sneaks up suddenly, which can without much of a stretch bring down your foes and furthermore give you a lot of range for that as well.


For this assemble, you can pick Ammo Bag since you will remain at the back and take out adversaries from a separation, so you need to be certain that you have a lot of ammunition close by to give spread to your partners who are ahead at the bleeding edges.

Scout – Hyena Build

Essential Weapon

The essential weapon of decision for this weapon is an Assault Rifle. All the more explicitly, you will utilize the G-Row Assault Rifle, which offers the most elevated versatility out of the considerable number of weapons. It consolidates high portability with high harm and a destructive precision and fire rate.

Auxiliary Weapon

Your auxiliary weapon for this fabricate is the ZR-55 Submachine Gun, which offers to rankle quick slug conveyance combined with extraordinary portability ideal for your attempt at manslaughter situations.


Scout’s low rigging help truly makes it an extreme one. Since it has low wellbeing, keeping the Field Syrettes is extremely vital, yet they take a huge four weight. On the off chance that you would prefer not to have the Field Syrettes, go for the Noise Maker and Thermal Decoy as these two will guarantee that your getaways are spotless and nobody sees where you followed striking them.

Support – Elephant Build

Essential Weapon


For your essential weapon, you will utilize the RP-103 LMG in light of the fact that it will permit you to slice through the hardest of the adversaries in a matter of moments. Indeed, it does have a long burden time, yet with the monstrous ammunition in the clasp, the high pace of fire, great precision, and overwhelming harm, you will be slicing through foes pretty without any problem. The RP-103 is the ideal weapon for the Support class.

Optional Weapon

For our optional weapon, we will be proceeding with our custom of pouring down slugs on your foes with the S-R3D Minigun. On the off chance that you come up short on ammunition for your essential weapon during a battle, don’t reload but instead change to the S-R3D Minigun and let it free on the rest of the foe’s insight.


For this fabrication, you should have Flash-bangs with you. Use Flash-bangs to dazzle your adversaries and afterward downpour down damnation on them. Having an Ammo Bag is likewise useful since you will have the option to load up on ammunition once you’ve at long last lifted your finger off the triggers of your slug glad weapons.

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