PureVPN Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deal – 5-Year Plan Available For $79 One-Time Cost

For distracted minds, having a VPN in your arsenal of apps has become a necessity. It isn’t only because of the ceaseless cyber threats that are rampaging across the internet, stealing your private data, and making riches out of it. VPNs serve many other purposes as well, and you will be amazed to find out how helpful it can be on many occasions.

For instance, a VPN can save you as much as $800 on airline tickets. Unbelievable, right? Frequent VPN users who know this trick have been saving a lot for years.

Apart from cheap flight tickets, VPNs can add immense value to your digital life by protecting your private internet activities through bank-grade encryption and anonymous IP addresses.

But you cannot expect these many benefits with a subpar VPN. You need a VPN that is trusted by millions and recommended by the world’s most renowned platforms.

You are in luck because PureVPN is one of the most reliable VPN providers in the industry, and it is offering its feature-rich 5-year plan at a whopping 88% off.


PureVPN Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal 2020

Extended plans are a rarity in the VPN industry, with most VPNs capping at a 3-year subscription. PureVPN takes that cap up a notch by offering a super-extended 5-year plan. With this plan, you are all set for years and can enjoy uninterrupted internet freedom, privacy, and security.

What’s even more amazing on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that PureVPN 5-year plan is now available for 88% off. What this means for you is that it offers an incredible $578 of savings. The 5-year plan is up for grabs for as low as $1.32 per month, a $79 one-time cost.

For those who are looking for the traditional annual plans, PureVPN’s 1-year plan is currently being offered at 62% off, which equates to $4.16 per month.


Whether you choose the $79 5-year plan or the $49.95 1-year plan, your money is safe with PureVPN with its 31-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday limited-time deal becomes more worth considering because of PureVPN’s “audit anytime” policy. An always-on No-Log audit policy is music to the ears of privacy-conscious users because, with this policy, they are assured complete peace of mind all year long.

Here’s Why You Should Pick PureVPN’s 5-Year Plan


It is pretty annoying to be thrown out of your favorite geo-restricted streaming service because your VPN subscription runs out. Similarly, it can be risky if the same situation happens while you are using the internet in a public café. With a super-extended 5-year plan, you are all set to enjoy uninterrupted internet freedom, privacy, and security.

But there are more important aspects, other than the 5-year plan, that make PureVPN worth having. PureVPN is a certified No-Log VPN provider. Its no-log claims have been audited and verified by one of the leading auditing firms that Fortune 500 trusts,: KPMG.

  •         You can use one account or subscription on up to 10 devices at a time, which makes PureVPN a family-friendly VPN service.
  •         You can access and stream Hulu US, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and 100+ other geo-restricted streaming services with PureVPN.
  •         You can download and use the PureVPN extension on Google Chrome and Firefox.
  •         PureVPN lets you stream the US Netflix and six other Netflix regions as well, including the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, and France.
  •         PureVPN owns a massive network of 6,500+ VPN servers in over 140 countries. Plus, there are no caps on switching servers.
  •         Privacy-centricity is at the core of the VPN service, with key features like an Internet Kill Switch, IPv6 leak protection, and DNS leak protection.
  •         PureVPN is a haven for online gamers as it gives them control over network ports through the paid Port Forwarding and Dedicated IP add-ons.
  •         PureVPN is the best travel gadget for travelers as it allows them to browse securely on the go.
  •         All this and more is backed by PureVPN’s extended 31-day money-back guarantee.

You are getting a good bang for your the bucks this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It goes without saying that it is a limited-time deal, so grab it before it is gone forever.

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