How to Acquire Put My Name Up trophy in The Last of Us 2

The release of The Last of Us 2 has a lot of hidden trophies that the game has planned for you. One of the many hidden trophies in the game is the Put My Name Up trophy. Players get to earn this trophy in the Seattle Da 1 chapter in the Winter Visit sub-chapter for Abby. This is a mission that’ll test your aiming and archery skills in the game.

In this guide today, we’ll take you everything regarding the Put My Name Up trophy in The Last of Us 2. We’ll take you through a guide to acquiring this trophy in the game. With a little tweak in the settings of the game, you’ll easily manage to complete the mission. So without any further ado, let’s look at how to acquire Put My Name Up trophy in The Last of Us 2.

How to Acquire Put My Name Up trophy in The Last of Us 2

  1. The first you need to do before entering the mission is to go to the game’s Settings
  2. Go into the Controls 
  3. Under the Controls tab, scroll all the way down to the Assistance section
  4. From here, toggle on the Lock-On Aim option
  5. Once done, go back into the mission.

Applying the above steps will greatly help you in this particular mission. By doing this, the targets that you need to hit before the time runs out will get locked on to when you aim down. With this, the slight camera movements that you might accidentally make will not shift your aiming away from the targets; it will be locked on to. By taking advantage of this feature, you can easily hit your targets.

With the aiming part out of the way, the next part is about spotting the targets. As we’ve already enabled the Lock-On Aim option in the game, the game will actually assist you as well to spot these targets. By moving about the camera slowly, any target that comes within the frame will be indicated for you to identify faster. As far as we know, there are 12 targets in this mission that you can hit. Given the time limit, it is plenty of time to hit all these targets. They are all scattered around the room. After taking the bow, simply keep calm and look for the targets. When you do find them, we suggest that you sprint closer to them and then take the hit since it has a much greater chance of hitting.

With the Lock-On Aim option in the game, the mission gets a lot easier than normal. As these targets are fairly small and hard to spot, the lock-on target function will really come in handy. Enabling this option in the game’s settings is your key to winning this mission. Once you’ve done that, you’ll surely realize the change in the gameplay, making things easier for you. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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