Quick Method to Fix BluBoo Sound Problems!

Here are some of the best solutions to fix BluBoo Sound Problems that you may encounter with your BluBoo Picasso smartphone 3.

Fix BluBoo Sound Problems

Fix BluBoo Sound Problems when there is an echo of a phone or internet call.

If you happen to hear echoes during your phone calls or internet calls, you can do any of the following to fix it:

  1. First, you have to identify what is causing the echo. Sometimes if you are in a room within which there is a lot of electronic signal traffic, you are likely to encounter an echo. Moving to another place is an option here. If the call gets cleared, you can be sure that the problem arose because of the surroundings and not because of the device.
  2.  Certain protective cases used for mobile phones can cause such echoes. So try making a call after removing the protective case.
  3.  Check if your phone is low on battery and whether several applications are operating in the background. These two issues are likely to cause an echo during a phone call. You have to charge your phone and reboot it if this is the case.
  4.  A headphone or an earphone can use while making a call.
    If the problem persists, it must be because of any hardware or signal related issue. You will have to approach an aftersale service agent then.

Fix BluBoo Sound Problems when you are unable to hear anything during a call

  1. You may start troubleshooting by ensuring that the protective film over the screen does not cover up the speaker. Also, make sure that your hand doesn’t block the speaker when you speak.
  2.  Ensure that the call volume has kept at its maximum. Turn OFF the silent mode in case if it is in the ON state.
  3.  You could be unable to hear any sound through the speaker of the phone if the headphone has been plugged into the headphone jack. So unplug the headphone and try making a call.
  4. A poor cellular network can leave you unable to hear any sound over the phone. Check your signal availability in your area. If the network signal is weak, it is better to another place where the network availability is better.
  5. The problem could also be with the phone on the other end of the call. Try calling another person and see if the problem continues.
  6. The problem could be with sim card which has inserted. You may turn off the phone, remove the sim card, reinsert it and turn on the phone. You may try adding another sim card into the phone. There are chances for the problem to get fixed.
    If the problem persists, approach your retailer or the customer service agent.

Fix BluBoo Sound Problems when noises arise during calls

  1.  Usually, this happens due to poor signal network existing at the ends of either/both of the callers. The caller with a weak signal network can try moving to a different location and try speaking. Or else, you may also transfer your network to any of the 2G/3G/4G networks, depending on the strength of the respective network in your area.
  2.  You can try removing the sim card and reinserting it. Do it only after you have turned off your phone completely. You can also try making a call using another sim card.
  3. The system within your cellphone could be facing a problem. To fix this, first back up your data factory reset your BluBoo Picasso.

Even after this if the problem continues, you can assume that there is something wrong with the receiver/speaker of your phone. Get assistance from your seller or any authorized service agent in such an instance.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix BluBoo Sound Problems that you may encounter with your BluBoo Picasso smartphone 3.  If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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