Razer Phone MR2 Update Improves Camera Quality, Audio Clarity, Call Quality, and More

It was in early months of this year when the Nextbit got popularity. This was due to an announcement of the acquisition of Android startup. In the present time, it has got a lot of popularity and there are so many users who seem largely satisfied with this device. There are actually a lot of things which are contributing to its success. You might have no idea but this device is good in every aspect. It has been designed keeping in view all the needs of modern smartphone users. Razor phone was announced last month and although it is a good smartphone that a lot of people have trusted, there are certain minor bugs that have been reported in it. Well, if you are a user of this device, we have a very good news for you. That is Razer Phone MR2 Update Improves Camera Quality, Audio Clarity, Call Quality, and More.

The update brings the build number NMF26X-RZR-171206.2009 for Razer Phone. Now you can install the NMF26X-RZR-171206.2009 on your phone via OTA.

Thus, you need not worry anymore about the issues you are facing. The new update has been released by the Nextbit and the same is hitting users through OTA approach. The overall size of this update is around 97 MB. Therefore it is recommended to you to download it from a stable internet connection. The shutter speed control in the camera has seen a significant improvement in this update. Till date, this was a major glitch as reported by a lot of people. There are some shooting modes that have been added in this update. This is for those who love capturing snaps in the way they want.

The update has also been reported to solve the phone audio problem which was a major challenge for so many users. To know more about Razer Phone MR2 Update, check out the screenshot below.


As already mentioned, this update is having 97 MB size and therefore you must make sure of following before you proceed with anything


  • Make sure your device is at least 70% charged
  • Take data backup before proceeding

It has already been stated that Razer Phone MR2 Update will add a lot to the experience of users who are currently using it. If you own it, you should check and install the update immediately you receive it.

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