Realme 2 Pro keeps restarting again and again. how to fix this problem?

Realme 2 Pro is one of the best phones which are high on demand now as this is a brand new phone that has the highest advanced features. Due to its advanced features, this phone has been the highest buying phone worldwide. There are no issues as such. The most common issues that the users are dealing are that the phone gets restarted every now and then.

This is not an issue. This is just a software problem or the problem with your battery. Follow the below steps that will assist you in solving the above problem.

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Realme 2 Pro keeps restarting again and again. how to fix this problem?

Most Reason to have restarting issue:

  • Corrupt data in the phone device memory: The new mobile phone device includes different firmware. This could corrupt your existing files on your device. To prevent this Reboot your phone to safe mode
  • Cached data Stored: The new firmware is using the data that is stored in your cache partition from the previous firmware. To fix this, you are required to wipe the cache partition.
  • Incompatible third-party application: There are a few third-party apps that are not compatible with the new firmware mobile manufacturers. As such, the apps prevent the device from rebooting normally. To fix this issue, reboot your phone to safe mode.

Steps to Fix Realme 2 Pro keeps restarting issues:

Here is the common solution to fix Realme 2 Pro restarting again and again issue.

Soft Reset your device:

If your Realme 2 Pro encounter restarting issue, then it can be a reason due to software or hardware glitches. So to check how this occurs, first simple troubleshooting guide is to soft reset your Realme 2 Pro and confirm if the problem arises again. To soft reset, simply follow our guide on how to soft reset Realme 2 pro.


Boot into Safe mode:

The second solution to sort if the restarting problem is to boot your Realme 2 pro into safe mode. In safe mode, all the third-party apps temporarily disable and will load only the core services.

If your Realme 2 Pro turns on successfully into this mode and if your device works normal, then we can conclude it is a third party app issue. So try to uninstall newly installed apps on your device.

Wipe cache partition

To wipe the cache partition on your device, you must boot into recovery mode on Realme 2 Pro. If you clear the cache partition, your device should boot normally without any issue. By wiping cache, most device problem can be resolved. So check whether the restarting problem has been resolved on your device.

Note that a few versions of the Android operating system do not allow you to delete the cache by this method. In this case, follow the below method. Opt for the below method when you wish to wipe the data of certain apps and not necessarily the whole system cached data.

  • Visit Settings from the Home Page
  • Now tap on the apps option
  • Here you will see the list of all the apps on your device. Tap on the app name who cache that you would want to wipe
  • Once you open the information of the app, you will see an option of Clear Cache. Tap on the same if you would want to clear the cache of the particular app.

Perform the factory reset or hard reset

In case if the above step does not work, then try to perform a factory reset on Realme 2 Pro. Follow our tutorial on how to perform factory hard reset on Realme 2 Pro.

Update software

If your device still has the restarting issue even after resetting your device, then you can try to check for a new software update or manually upgrade to new stock firmware on Realme 2 Pro. To check for a software update, you can simply follow our guide on how to check software update on Realme 2 Pro. It was announced that a software update will debug and resolve the issue users are facing.

The above are the steps that you need to follow while your phone keeps restarting again and again. Follow the above steps and fix the issue on your own. If the issue does not get solved even after following the above, it is good to visit the customer service center and inform them about the steps that are been followed. This will help them to take the best decisions.


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