How to Record Slow Motion Videos on LG V30

One of the recent trends among smartphone users is capturing the slow motions videos. In the present scenario, they are floating all over the internet and some social media platforms have significantly contributed in enhancing their popularity. You might have no idea but recording them is not at all a big deal. When it comes to LG V30, this task can simply be accomplished and without doing much. So here I am going to show you how to record slow motion videos on LG V30.

This is actually one of the best features available in LG V30. There is no need for the users to proceed with any third party app. The slow-motion videos option is available on this device by default. One of the best things is LG V30, records slow motion video in a perfect manner. Those who record them need not to worry about the quality and other similar factors. The only thing you need to make sure is to hold the device properly and without shaking it beyond a limit as this can cause blur and other issues. Check out below how to record slow motion videos simply.

How to Record Slow Motion Videos on LG V30

  • The very first thing is to unlock your device.
  • Open the Camera app
  • Tap on Settings and choose format next to HDR Option.
  • Select the resolution for the camera and choose the option “Slow Motion”

Next time whenever you record a video, it will be in slow motion. It is possible for the users to adjust the speed accordingly and without doing much. Open the Settings to set the recording speed. The following options will remain available for you.

  • x1/2 (lowest slow motion effect)
  • x1/4 (slow motion is at medium)
  • x1/8 (optimum slow motion effect)

Although you can record them at any speed, the most recommended option to consider is the x1/8. This is because it takes care of all the effects you need to have in your video. You are free to switch to the normal recording mode anytime you want from the following options. Also, it must be noted that slow motions videos don’t consume memory beyond a limit. They can also be converted simply into the GIF images whenever you want. So this is how you can record slow motion videos on LG V30.



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