Reduce Mobile Data Use By Enabling Low Data Mode on iPhone

Increasing smartphone usage always makes you worried about data usage. We generally do not want to exceed our data quota provided by a cellular provider. Enabling Low Data Mode is a great feature that pauses the process of sync or transfer of data in the background.

It is very easy to use the feature if you want to save your data quota and want to use it when an application is open for use.

Reduce Mobile Data Use By Enabling Low Data Mode on iPhone

How to enable Low Data Mode in iPhone for Cellular or Mobile Data

  1. Open Settings app in iPhone
  2. Go to Cellular (Also called as “Mobile Data”)
  3. Tap the “Cellular Data Options” button
  4. Search “Low Data Mode” options and switch it on

Enabling the Low Data Mode stops the transfer of data and sync processes of apps in the background. It also pauses the automatic updates set up by you in your iPhone. It pauses the automatic iCloud backup upload and other data download features. So it is good when you want to save your data use and on the other end, you won’t want to keep it on always.

Apart from this if you want to enable Low Data Mode for specific wifi networks only then you can enable it. For this, you need to go to wifi settings and click on (i) info button to check the data settings.

How to reduce mobile data use by enabling low data mode


How to disable Low Data Mode in iPhone

To disable Low Data Mode you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Open Settings application in iPhone
  2. Go to Cellular option from the list
  3. Tap on “Cellular Data Options” tab
  4. Look for “Low Data Mode” and switch it in off position to disable

This feature is one of the ways by which you can save your data usage. It varies depends upon many factors such as iPhone purpose of use, Data usage and many more. The mobile data plan is also a factor that draws to decide either enable it or not. When you have an unlimited mobile data plan then it is fine to keep it diable but it might affect the battery life. If you have a limited data plan then you can go for Low Data Mode.

There is also one option by which you can stop the background app refresh on iPhone or on iPad. You can easily enable it from the settings app of your iPhone or iPad. But this particular feature is not developed to target low data use.

In your iPhone, you can also manage and control what apps can use your cellular data. I think this could be an alternative to control the data usage when you are running low with data quota. Again this feature has a disadvantage that all apps are not refreshing, sync and transferring the data in the background.

There are multiple options are available by which you can control your data usage. This new “Low Data Mode” is specifically designed to save your data usage. 

This feature is available in IOS 13 and later. Try this new feature and share your views on in comment box.

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