How to Remove Navigation Bar from OnePlus 5T (Navbar)


On-screen navigation buttons started appearing increasingly on smartphones in 2016, and by the end of 2017, they had become a regular feature on Android smartphones, both budget and flagship. The OnePlus 5T also comes with the same screen configuration, and while this makes it possible for the bezels to be reduced to a minimum (about 2mm in dimensions), some people still need the extra screen real estate taken up by the navigation bar (with on-screen navigation buttons).  In this article, I’ll show you how to remove the navigation bar from the OnePlus 5T.

For people given to Android tweaking, removing the navigation bar on an Android smartphone is as easy as editing some parameters in the device’s build.prop file, and for some, a Xposed module does the job in a couple of easy steps. For the OnePlus 5T, however, it’s not that easy.

Yes, a Xposed module will still do the job, but you stand a chance of triggering Safety Net. And editing the device’s build.prop file doesn’t cut it either. You could also use the Substratum theme to disable the navigation bar, but that’s if you can live with a broken restart menu. With this guide made by Senior Member of the XDA Developers Forum nxss4, you can now hide the navbar on your OnePlus 5T.

Remove Navigation Bar from OnePlus 5T –  The Process

Remove Navigation Bar from OnePlus 5T

  1. Install Magisk and Download Systemless Xposed on Magisk Manager. GUIDE
  2. Install Xposed Framework and Xposed Installer. GUIDE
  3. Reboot your device.
  4. Download and install Gravity Box Nougat. You can get it on the Xposed repository or from the Xposed Installer app (search) on your device. Once you install Gravity Box, activate it in Xposed Installer.
  5. Open the Gravity Box app, navigate to the Navigation Bar tweaks menu (pun intended :) ), turn on the Master Switch and toggle the enable navigation bar option off.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. Open the phone Settings >> Buttons and you’ll find an On-screen navigation bar option that wasn’t there before. Toggle the option off.
  8. You can now go and disable the Xposed framework in Magisk manager and regain the trust of Safety Net.
  9. Finally, reboot your OnePlus 5T and your navigation bar would be nowhere to be found.
  10. If the navigation bar remains after rebooting, download a build.prop editor application like 3C Toolbox, find this line
    in your build.prop and change 0 to 1. Then reboot your device.

Bonus: How to navigate on OnePlus 5T without Navigation bar

Now that you’ve removed the navigation bar, how can you move around on your OnePlus 5T since it doesn’t come with capacitive navigation buttons?

Install the Swipe Navigation app from the Google Play Store and control your smartphone using gestures. It’s easy, fun to use and you’re exposed to a totally new way of moving around in your smartphone.

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