How to Reset Password On Galaxy S8 Plus When Locked Out

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a device that clearly reflects the future of smartphones. It comes with several features that are best in every aspect and enable the users to perform any task without worrying about anything. Just like all the devices, it also comes with some amazing security and privacy features. The most common one is locking the device with a special password or a pattern. Although we all use this feature for privacy, the fact cannot be denied that sometimes even we forget our password or unlocking pattern. Well, if this is a situation with you, there is nothing to worry as the problem can simply be eliminated. In this post, I will show you how to reset password on Galaxy S8 plus when the same is locked out.

How to Reset Password On Galaxy S8 Plus When Locked Out

Most people say that factory reset is a good and in fact, only option to keep up the pace of the problem. Although it works most of time, it is not at all a good choice if you don’t have data backup on your device. This is because it erases all the data from your phone memory and thus if you don’t have the data backup, this method is to be avoided.

Luckily there are other alternatives to this problem and with the help of same, it is possible for you to get the favorable outcome without doing much. One method is to unlock it with the Samsung Account. You might have signed into the same at least once in the past. If remote controlled features for your Galaxy S8 plus is enabled, you can simply unlock it. In case you need to unlock a Galaxy S8 Plus or S8 with Find My Mobile, following are the options to consider.

Steps to Reset Password On Galaxy S8 Plus When Locked Out

  • First of all, log in with your Samsung account credentials at the following address:;
  • Look for your device listed in there and make sure that both the Remote Controls and the Connection statuses are turned to On;
  • Tap on the option labeled as Unlock my screen;
  • Tap on the Unlock button on the right side.

With the above instructions, you can simply access the device screen and that’s too with a swipe. You will find that the old password would be gone and you only need to swipe the screen to unlock it. In case you haven’t used the Samsung account earlier, there is only one method that world for you and i.e. the one mentioned previously. Yes, it’s Hard Reset. It worth mentioning here again that with the Hard Reset, all the data stored on our device would be gone probably.

I hope this guide will be helpful to Reset Password On Galaxy S8 Plus When Locked Out.



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