Update Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50 (Android 8.1 Oreo)

Doogee X50 launched in March 2018. The smartphone came out of the box with Android 8.1 Oreo. In case if you love custom ROM, then you may have heard about Resurrection Remix. Finally, It’s official now! Resurrection Remix based on Android 8.1 Oreo started rolling for few supported devices. You can now install Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50.

Update Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50

Now you can install Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50 by following our guide below. The guide is simple and easy. To flash this ROM, you need TWRP Recovery on your phone. If your phone is running TWRP, then you can simply download and flash the Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50.

What is a Resurrection Remix?

Resurrection Remix is a custom ROM based on AOSP source code which means that its UI is no different from stock Android on the Pixel phones. The ROM brings many new features from popular custom ROM like Lineage OS, Slim, AOKP, Paranoid Android and many more. Along with all these features, Remix also brings an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and battery life compared to many custom ROM. Here is the quick recap of what’s on Android 8.1 Oreo.

What’s on Android 8.1 Oreo?

As you’d expect, Android 8.1 Oreo is the latest update of Android Oreo. It is an incremental update that builds out some of the new features found in the first version of Oreo, but there’s plenty worth checking out. This doesn’t mean Android 8.1 doesn’t include the new feature because it does. Here are all the features of Android Oreo [8.0/8.1]

Features of Android Oreo:

  • Notifications Channels (8.0)
  • Picture In A Picture (8.0)
  • Multi-Display Support (8.0)
  • Keyboard Navigation (8.0)
  • Background Limits (8.0)
  • New Wi-Fi Features (8.0)
  • Better Icons (8.0)
  • Autofill (8.0)
  • Cheeseburger Emoji (8.1)
  • Neural Networks API (8.1)
  • Pixel Visual Core co-processing technology to third-party developers (8.1)
  • and many more
  • Here are the Top 10 Features of Android 8.0 Oreo.

[su_note note_color=”#fff2fc” text_color=”#000000″]Here is the full list of Resurrection Remix Oreo supported devices. We have already shared both Lineage OS 15.1 and Lineage OS 15.0 based on Android Oreo. In case if you still want to enjoy or downgrade to Nougat, then check out our complete list of Lineage OS 14.1 based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat.[/su_note]

Steps to Install Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50

To install the ROM on your phone, first, you need to install TWRP Recovery. Then download and move the ROM zip file to Doogee X50.

Watch The Latest Resurrection Remix Video

Download Required Files:

Download Resurrection Remix: Click Here 

Gapps working on RR OS with the img that include the Gapps, but I’m not pretty sure If they work because of installing the image over stock ROM, and then I flash the fix given below, after flashing the image (try by yourself)



  1. Supported device name: Doogee X50
  2. Charge your phone: Make sure to charge your phone before performing any modification.
  3. Drivers: Download Motorola USB Drivers.
  4. Unlock The Bootloader: You need to unlock the bootloader of your Doogee X50 [This will wipe the data, so take care of your internal storege]
  5. TWRP Recovery: Install TWRP Recovery on Doogee X50
  6. Lineage OS 15: To enjoy GSI treble build, you must first download the supported treble build like Lineage OS 15.1 [you can install over stock without a problem. I’ve tested]
  7. Complete backup: Whenever you start messing with Android’s system–rooting, flashing custom ROMs, and so on–you should first make a nandroid backup in TWRP. That way, if anything goes wrong, you can restore your phone to its pre-broken state.

ROM is still under beta. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any internal/external damages to the device that may happen while/after following this guide.

Method 1: Install via TWRP Recovery

  1. First of all, make sure to download and move all the above required ROM packages on your Doogee X50 Internal storage.
  2. Now reboot your phone into TWRP Recovery and Swipe Allow Modifications (Appears for the first time only)
  3. Once you are in TWRP Recovery, first of all. Take a complete backup of stock or custom ROM using TWRP.
  4. Now wipe the cache, data, and system before flashing the Resurrection Remix on Doogee X50.
  5. To Wipe data: Go to Wipe —> Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik/ART cache, cache, and Data and then swipe to wipe. [su_note note_color=”#fef0ef” text_color=”#000000″]Warning: Make sure not to select Internal storage[/su_note]
  6. Now you can install the System image file in TWRP: Install -> Install Image -> select system.img
  7. That’s it! Reboot and enjoy!

Method 2: Install via ADB Sideload

—> How to Install Generic System Image on Project Treble Devices

I hope this guide was helpful to install the Resurrection Remix on Doogee X50 based on Project Treble GSI images.

If this method doesn’t work, then go to the Resurrection Remix Phh-Treble thread in XDA and report your issue.


That’s it! I hope you have installed the Resurrection Remix Oreo on Doogee X50. Leave a comment or feedback down below. Thank you!.


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