How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2


At a certain point during the gameplay in Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy 2, you will come across a pair of throne room doors in the Citadel of Agartha. These doors are bolted shut, and you need to unlock them in order to reach the boss.

However, when you try to get past them for the first time, you will encounter a message saying: “The throne room doors are currently sealed…” Now we will help you understand how to open the throne room doors to access the boss arena in Rogue Legacy 2.

How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2

Opening the Throne Room Doors in Rogue Legacy 2

In order to open the throne room doors in Rogue Legacy 2, you will have to do certain things first. Namely, you must obtain Anake’s Shawl and Aesop’s Tome. You can get these by finding the two kneeling statues inside the Citadel of Agatha. Once you come across them, you will have to successfully complete the Insight challenges they have for you.


Of these, the Inner Demons Insight will make you face Aesop’s Challenge. Successfully finishing it will reward you with Aesop’s Toe, using which you can decipher memory fragments.

Once you have gotten possession of this Heirloom, you will have to locate the chamber which harbors the throne room doors. Note that you will have to go around the castle a bit for this since the rooms get arranged into different patterns every time you go inside.

How To Open The Throne Room Doors In Rogue Legacy 2

After finding the room with the throne room doors, look for the distinctly glowing memory fragment on their right side. When you interact with it, you will get the Lighting the Way Insight. This will give you a useful hint required to solve the puzzle in this room successfully. Now, look up and take note of the lanterns present on both sides of the doors.

You will have to light these by using a downward strike on each of them, in order to open the throne room doors. Unfortunately, the lanterns only remain lit for a very short duration of time after you strike them. However, you can successfully accomplish the task at hand by using the Dash ability.

It is ideal for unlocking it before you play this part of the game. Taking additional jumps from one of the runes can prove to be useful here as well.


When you finally light both of the lanterns, the doors will get unlocked. You will then have access to battle the boss of the Citadel of Agartha.

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Modified on August 21, 2020

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