Rogue Legacy 2 – Power Of Empathy Heirloom Guide

A latest game, Rogue Legacy 2 action game has just been released this month. It is developed and published by Cellar Door Games. The story of the game revolves where death plays an important role. Whenever your character dies, you are reborn with a new character which is your child and you have to continue fighting against monsters. Rogue Legacy 2 is a successor of the Rogue Legacy game which came back in 2013.

Note that after the death of your character in the game, your heir will have randomly powers and they carry unique abilities and characteristics. Moreover, there are plenty of mysteries in the game that makes it a good game to hop on. In this post, we will give you a complete Power of Empathy Heirloom guide. This guide will answer all of your heirloom related questions.

As you progress in Rogue Legacy 2 game, you die, reborn with different power and expand your abilities while progressing through the game. However, to restore your health and mana, the Power of Empathy is something that you might want to get your hands on. So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the article itself:

rogue legacy 2

Where To Find Power Of Empathy Spawn In Rogue Legacy 2?

Well, there is no exact location to grab the Power of Empathy spawn in Rogue Legacy 2. Basically, it is a random spawn which you have to collect while exploring the kingdom. Heirlooms are features in the game, that allow you to increase your power in the future. Besides, these powerful items can be carried over to your character even after you die while progressing through the game.

The game gets challenging as you go ahead in the game and this is where heirlooms will come handy to solve some difficult puzzles. We would advise you to take the Barbarian class for this task of getting Power of Empathy in Rogue Legacy 2 because their power of freezing enemies could come handy while having a clash with the enemies. Below is the complete guide on how you can find the Power of Empathy spawn in the game.


Here is How To Get Power Of Empathy

  1. When you first arrive in the trial, you have to make your way to the bottom of the tunnel. At the bottom of the tunnel, there will be a small blue light with which you can interact. It hints that there are three options, out of which the third is hidden. You have to jump and push down on the blue power to head to the next room.
    rogue legacy 2 bottom of the tunnel
  2. Once you are in the second room, you have to jump your way to the next blue power, with which you have to interact again. Speaking to it will tell you that there are some obstacles to hidden objectives. There will be flying pendulums which you have to spin kick to make to the next platform. After four times, you will be placed in a large circle of these deadly metal pendulums.
    pendulums rogue legacy 2
  3. You will notice a small gap between the circle of pendulums. You can take that opening as an opportunity to make your way to the next platform.
    circle of pendulums rogue legacy 2
  4. Now once you enter the third room, there will be red circles which are of the nightmares. You have to make your way through this room. Note that if you try to attack while being in the red aura or circle, it will immediately attack you. So, be alert. To avoid the attacks, you can spin kick the doors and quickly move from your place to dodge the attack.
    red auras
  5. Make to the end of the room and you will find another blue power with which you have to interact in the middle of two nightmares. This power will teach you how to interact with the nightmares and disable them. Once you disable the nightmares, you will be able to hit the door without these nightmares attacking you.
    enemies red aura
  6. The fourth test involves two nightmares with enemies surrounding you from either side. Here you have to interact and disable the nightmares to attack the spawning enemies. After beating the skeletons, you will be transported over to a new room. You have to repeat the same process in the new room as well. However, there will enemies with swords you have to fight with.
    sword enemies
  7. The final room feature two ghosts that spawn on either side of the room. You have to jump and try to defeat the nightmare in the middle of the room. After which you can try and take the ghosts out. They will fire some magical blasts, so avoid being too close to them. Once you defeat them, two sword guards will show up and you have to turn off the nightmare and defeat them.
    ghosts rogue legacy 2
  8. Notably, the final fight will be against a pair of two soul axes. Defeat them and you will teleport to the final area. Here is the location where you will get your new ability, the Power Of Empathy. You can read Aesop’s tome to access the memories inside.
    power of empathy

Wrap Up

So, there you have it from my side in this guide. I hope you like this complete guide on how you can make your way through the enemies in the Rogue Legacy 2 game and grab the Power of Empathy. Let us know in the comments below if you come across any issues while following the guide or if you have any questions regarding any of the steps. Follow each of the steps mentioned in the guide above and it will be easy for you to grab the new ability.

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