Roller Champions Xbox, PS4 and PC Keyboard controls

If roller derby is one of your things, then you probably know about its a digital form, Roller champions. You might have it in your PC or gaming console, but you are unsure about the control. Well, if controls are your issue, then this article will help you out. From getting the ball around the rink to shooting it through the goal, you will have an excellent grip on it all once you understand the controls well.

Even though this game was designed with priority given to PS4 and Xbox controls, we will also take a look at the Keyboard controls. So don’t worry if you are short on a console or a gaming controller, we have got you covered.

Roller Champions Xbox and PS4 controls:

The controls for Roller champions will differ for the same keys, depending on the fact whether the character is with the ball or without the ball. The analog sticks controls remain the same, though, with both the cases and along with the analog sticks, the Left trigger/L2 and Right trigger/R2 buttons functions also remain the same. For skating and accelerating, you have the Right trigger/R2 and to tuck in and bomb down slopes, you have the Left trigger/L2. However, tackling/dodging and passing/receiving are assigned to the same buttons. To get a complete idea about it all, let’s take a look at a tabular view for the button controls.

                                                 Button                                                Function
                                        Left Analog Stick                                         Move direction
                                       Right Analog Stick                                          Camera look
                                                 LT/L2                           Crouch/Pump (to gain speed on the downhill)
                                                 RT/R2                                         Skate/Accelerate
                                                 LB/L1                  Shoot (tap to aim with Right Stick, tap to shoot)
                                                 RB/R1                       Quick Chat Wheel (use D-pad to select)
                                                 D-Pad                                             Emotes
                                                   A/X                                               Jump
                                                B/Circle                                               Break
                                               Y/Triangle                 Pass (with ball), Ask for a pass (without the ball)
                                                X/Square                    Dodge (with ball), Tackle (without the ball)
                                    View Button/Touch pad                                           Ball Cam

So there you have all the controls you need. Make sure to skate and get a speed up all the time except on downhills. It is best to just tuck on downhills. And make sure you land your passes to your teammates. It can be tricky to do so, make sure to look for options on straightaways.

Roller Champions Keyboard controls:

Now, if you don’t own a controller and enjoy gaming on a full-fledged PC keyboard, then there is nothing to worry about that. Here we will show you the Roller Champions controls for the keyboard too. Just like it was with consoles, here too, the change is whether the ball is in hand or if it is not. The button used to tackle while not holding the ball could be used to dodge while holding the ball. So to give you a full overview, let’s dive into the full list of controls.

                                               Input Functions
                                           W/A/S/D Movement directions
                                              Mouse Controls the camera
                                               Shift Skate
                                                Ctrl Crouch/Pump
                                                  Q Hard brake
                                                  E Pass (with ball), Ask for a pass (without a ball)
                                                  F Team Move (join with teammates)
                                              Space Jump
                                     Left-click (Mouse) Shoot (click once to aim, again to throw)
                                    Right-click (Mouse) Dodge (with ball), Tackle (without a ball)
                                        Arrow keys Emote
                                                  T Chat wheel
                                                  C Change camera mode

So use this control guide to play against digital roller derby players and dominate them online. Make sure to practice the passes and get as many speed pumps as possible. A successful tackle gets you one, so make sure to keep doing it. Again, when it is downhill, be like a small ball and try increasing your speed too. Just memorize and practice on with all these controls, and soon, you will be able to almost defeat anyone you want.


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