How to Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 [SM-j250F]

Here we will guide on how to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 [j250]. Once you finish the installation, you can root your phone using TWRP recovery.

Today we will guide you on how to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 [j250]. TWRP recovery is considered to be one of the important contributions from the active developer community that Android has. This open-source custom recovery is in wide usage around the world. TWRP recovery helps to install Custom ROM, Kernel, Mods, Root or even backup and restore any ROM.

Full Credits to XDA Senior member  andii_nr for sharing this work on XDA forum. Thanks to him and the TWRP team for making this possible.

Before proceeding further, let’s have a quick review on the hardware and other specifications of this gadget. It is a dual SIM 4G enabled device that comes with a 5-inch screen capable to provide a resolution of  540 x 960 pixels. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and is a best available device. Samsung has powered it with a 1.5GHz processor a 1.5GB RAM for the reliable experience of the users. The 8 MP and 5MP camera combination make it a decent performer for capturing quality snaps simply.

The 2600mAh battery can simply be trusted for the full day backup once you charge this device fully. It is possible to store 16GB of data in this device and users can simply enhance it by upto 256GB through a micorSD card. Let us now pay attention to the common Samsung Galaxy J2 pro 2018 problems and fixes.

If you are here, then you probably wondering how to install the  TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018. You can simply follow the guide given here. Once you have installed, you can flash the Super SU or Magisk to root your device very quickly. Before we install TWRP Recovery, let’s understand what is TWRP Recovery and their advantage.

 TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018


What is TWRP Recovery:

TWRP stands for TeamWin Recovery Project is a fully touch-based and open source custom recovery for Android devices. It is the best custom recovery after ClockworkMod (aka CWM). Unlike Stock Recovery, TWRP helps to install Custom ROM, Kernel, Mods or even root any Android devices in just a few simple steps.

[su_quote cite=”Wikipedia” url=””]Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is an open-source software custom recovery image for Android-based devices. It provides a touchscreen-enabled interface that allows users to install third-party firmware and back up the current system, functions often unsupported by stock recovery images. It is, therefore, often installed when rooting Android devices, although it isn’t dependent on a device being rooted to be installed.[/su_quote]

Advantages of TWRP Recovery:

  • You can flash Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 using TWRP
  • You can flash modding zip files to customize your phone
  • Easy to flash and use Xposed Modules using TWRP
  • Easy to Root and Unroot using TWRP Recovery flashable zip SuperSU
  • You can install Magisk on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018
  • Easy to Create and Restore Nandroid Backup using TWRP Recovery.
  • Easy access to restore the Nandroid Backup.
  • You can flash the image file using TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018.
  • Easy to remove all bloatware using TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018.
  • To underclock and overclock.
  • You can clean Wipe, Cache, and Data.

Before doing the methods, I just want to warn you that, By doing this you will loose the warranty and sometime if you don’t read the steps and do something wrong can brick your device. That won’t happen though you follow our step by step guide carefully.

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Steps to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018[j250]

Remember this guide is to install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 [j250], so don’t try the same recovery image on any other device. Before flashing recovery, please read and install the required drivers and software on your PC.

Download Required Files

TWRP Recovery Repack img


fstab.qcom Patched Boot image

Download SuperSU Zip

Download Magisk Zip



  • This Guide Supported for Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 [j250]
  • Download ODIN Software on your PC
  • Install latest Samsung USB Drivers
  • You need either Laptop or PC.
  • Charge your phone to at least 70%
  • Back up your device just in case if you need it later

Installation Guide using ODIN:

[su_note note_color=”#035786″ text_color=”#ffffff”]At GetDroidTips, We will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your device while following this Guide. Do it at your own risk. Remember rooting or installation of Custom Recovery will void the warranty of your phone.[/su_note]

Follow the instructions given down below to install TWRP on your phone:

Guide to Install TWRP Recovery using ODIN Software

Now you can reset and enjoy the TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018.

That’s it! You have installed TWRP Successfully!

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018

To root your phone, you need either a supported TWRP Recovery or any rooting apps. With the help of rooting apps, you can root Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 without PC/Computer. Here in this guide we already have a supported TWRP Recovery, so I will guide here to flash the superSU or Magisk to root your phone. Before rooting, let’s understand What is rooting in Android Phone?

What Does Rooting Mean?


Rooting doesn’t mean hacking. So please don’t compare the term hacking to rooting. In fact, it is not true at all. Well, Rooting for Android means nothing but jailbreaking the device to get access to the root directory of your android mobile. This means you are removing the restrictions and limitations from your Android Phone or Tablet to perform unperformable tasks.

By Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018, you are injecting a file known as SU binary to the root of your phone. Technically Speaking, Rooting Any Android Phone will void the brand warranty but don’t worry, you can unroot or restore your device any time without any issues.

The advantage of Rooting:

  • You can get access to all files on your Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018, even the files which present in the root directory of your phone.
  • You can increase the performance of your Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 by overclocking.
  • By rooting you can increase battery life by underclocking Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018.
  • Uninstall Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018.
  • You can block Ads on any Android applications such as Youtube and other game related applications. Also ReadTop 5 Adblock Plus Alternatives for Android
  • By Rooting Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018, you can View, Edit or Delete any system file inside the root directory.
  • You can install Xposed Framework and many Xposed module support.

Guide to Root:

Here is the guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 smartphone. Make sure to download either SuperSU or Magisk to root your phone.

[su_note note_color=”#faf5ce” text_color=”#1d1d1d”]Warning: Don’t try to flash both Magisk and SuperSU on your phone. You need to root either with SuperSU or Magisk[/su_note]

Full Guide to install SuperSU on your phone Full Guide to install Magisk and Magisk Manager

I hope this guide was helpful to root and install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy J2 Pro 2018. Any queries, you can leave a comment down below.

Source: XDA


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