Best Tips to use internet banking safely

Technology has improved remarkably since the last decade. The banking sector has seen a tremendous makeover in its working after the introduction of internet banking. Literally, 24*7 a user can transfer or receive money whenever he wants.

However, with the availability of easy banking facilities,  problems associated with it have also risen. Thugs have shaped up their game of looting innocent users. We are talking of the internet bank fraudsters that are rampant these days. One small mistake from the user’s end and all the money is gone. So, what the users should be aware of while banking on the internet and never fall prey to any scammer.? In this guide, we will tell you how you can safely use internet banking to your advantage.

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Dark Side of Internet Banking: The issues

Let us look at what are the primary technology-related issues that can lead to bank fraud.

Giving away OTP

This is a common mistake people do. Remember that passwords and OTPs are only to be known by the user himself. Not even bank employees or anyone for that matter should know someone’s OTP for the transaction.

Fraudsters, however, use non-suspicious and naive users for their dirty trick. They pose as bank officials and ask for OTP for some dubious transaction which would transfer money into their own account. Then they ask these unsuspecting users for the OTP sent to their mobile. Once you give away the OTP, you will end up nowhere. All your money will be gone in a few seconds.


Though technology has managed to reach every corner of the world, people are still unaware of the right use of that. Online frauds are leveraging on their ignorance.

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Phishing email

As the name suggests these are suspicious emails that come disguised with some message to grab your attention. It usually comes with some short links to some sites. It may also come with a downloadable .exe file. Normal users in hurry without properly reading the mailer, either click on the link or download the file. This is where things go wrong. You need to double-check a file before downloading.

These are usually fraud phishing emails that you should be careful about. In these emails, the names of the websites are normally written in a tricky way so that users cannot understand it unless he/she thoroughly goes through it. For example, Google is usually written as Goagle or Gogle. This way any website or banking firm name is slightly altered keeping the logo intact so that the naive users don’t suspect the email to be a fraud.


phising email_ebanking

Make easy money offers

This has been an evergreen scheme of fraudsters to loot people of their hard-earned money. Usually, hardworking and honest people always look to earn something extra in their life. So, taking advantage of that some dishonest people create fake websites and offer easy and huge amounts of money for some really minuscule tasks.

However, before the work begins, the person who will work has to pay a huge amount of money to the website guys as a security deposit. Once the frauds take the money they disappear. This scam is quite prevalent all over the world.


You have won million Dollar Scam

Yes, it is the same funny yet irritating message we get about winning some lottery of 1 Million dollars or pound which we never played in the first place. Those who are educated enough to know of the scam business, they stay clear of these kinds of messages. However, naive users do fall prey to such scams and give away their details.

Usually, the scammers ask for a huge amount of money to process the lottery prize and transfer it to the user’s account. Once these scammers get the money, they will vanish. In fact, these scammers make use of some branded business names so as to make the public believe their scam game.

Some important tips to safely use Internet Banking

Now, let’s get down to the important part of this article. What to do in order to stay safe from the online fraudsters and safely use internet banking.

Never Share your OTP/Banking details with anyone

Keep in mind that no recognized banking official will ever ask you for your bank details such as OTP or password/PIN etc. Anyone who calls you or emails you for such information is a professional fraud. Simply block that phone number or mail ID. If possible do report the caller’s information to the police.

Always use Anti-Virus in your PC

People always underestimate the importance of Anti-virus on their system. If you have an active Anti-Virus protecting your PC, it will save you from malware, suspicious software download, malicious links, and websites. So, make sure to use a popular and full version Anti-virus on your PC.

Enable alerts for your banking transactions


This is a very helpful feature that will alert you in case some fraud loots your money from your bank account. This way you can alert your bank authorities. It will also notify you of all authorized and un-authorized login attempts for your personalized net banking.

Never login into bank account via Suspicious Links

Usually, though e-mail you may get links for logging into your bank account. Make sure to access your bank account via the official app on your Android app or by accessing the official website on the PC/phone. Also, make sure the website is following Https:// instead of Http. The ‘S‘ denotes security layer to the domain this means any kind of transaction under this domain is encrypted. However, if you log in through spam links or spammy websites, you may not see the https prefix.

Try not to use public Wi-fi and Computer Systems for the internet banking

usually, in the cyber cafe and other such places where the public computer is available, it is not at all safe for any banking transaction. There are high chances that your credentials may be stolen as these PCs are never protected as any person would protect his own PC.

The same goes for public Wi-Fi as well. Hackers can be invisibly present in an insecure connection and steal your data and money both. Otherwise, you may consider using a VPN for better security while using public Wi-Fi.

Mobile Banking Safety tips

Here are some more tips for safe banking you if you are a regular user of internet banking.

tips for safe banking transactions over smartphone

So, that was a detailed guide on how to carry out internet banking safely in a day-to-day situation. We hope that you find this article helpful. Stay tuned with GetDroidTips for more such informative write-ups.

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